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Goof Moments in Wiz101

I am posting some goof moments that I took lately. Hope they made you laugh.
I wish there was more pictures that I could put up. 

FLASH MOB with KBB as our leader!
Dance, Clap, Dance, Clap, CHEER!

What the heck have I just walked into?

Queen of the World!


Cass just died and was rolling her head around because she was dizzy from the attack.
So Alric wanted to help her by holding her head straight. ROFL!

Weird, my plant needs sun and music twice? What a needy plant!

Aww Mr Cupid and Mrs Valentine!

Blood Shark! RAWR! CHOMP!

I accidently walked in the wrong direction and got this weird view.
Is it just me or is this too creepy?

Was looking through my Reagents and saw this.
Was  like what the heck is that?!

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