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The Titans of Wizard101

Notice in the above messages, it keep repeating: Storm, Ice and Fire.
Says that the Ice Titan named YMIR slept under Grizzleheim
and we defeated him in the last dungeon: Nastrond of Hrundle Fjord, Wintertusk.

So of course this makes me wonder, where are the Storm and Fire Titans?
Will they be introduced at all to the game?
To me, it does seem possible that Wizard101 will create more storylines in other worlds
for the Fire and Storm Titans who hasn't showed up yet.
Otherwise, why would they mention them at all?

And the reason I said in other worlds is because it said in the above pictures
that the Ice Titan, YMIR, slept under Grizzleheim.
So obviously that's his domain.

As for the other Titans... Maybe the Storm Titan would live under the Tomb of Storms in Krok?
I think that area would be populated with mostly storm mobs
who MIGHT would have BOLT or other strong storm spells.
Would be brutal to keep ourselves alive.

As for the Fire Titan ... Dragonspyre? That does seem like a obvious location.
But I could see a lot of burning spells occurring in this new area.
It would be difficult since it would be hard to shield ourselves.
Who knows?!

**FinAndQuinn supplied a picture of the Dragon Ttitan message in DS in the Grand Chasm.
This makes me think what if the Dragon Titan is the pet of the Fire Titan.
So he could come back and threaten everyone again
and we have to defeat him personally.

**FinAndQuinn also suggested that the Fire Titan could be in Krok
with Arabian houses and Efreet type of Fire Titan. INTERESTING!

I'm so curious and I can't wait to see what Wizard101 will come up with! 
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