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Mega Pet Snack Packs

Okay, have you ever wondered how many packs
it takes to help a pet reach Epic?
And how much it costs. Here's all of the info! 

Now here's all of the Mega Snacks you get in the Packs.


                                     +50 Pet Experience 
+15 Intellect, +15 Agility, +20 Power           
Fancy Yogurt                                +50 Pet Experience
 +15 Strength, +15 Intellect, +20 Power
Mystic Dragon Fruit                  +45 Pet Experienc
+12 Intellect, +15 Will, +18 Power
Captain Canteloupe         +45 Pet Experience
 +12 Strength, +15 Agility, +18 Power
Cherry Tomato                            +40 Pet Experience 
 +11 Strength, +14 Intellect, +15 Power
Golden Wheat Bread                +40 Pet Experience
+11 Agility, +14 Will, +15 Power
Flowering Pineapple                +30 Pet Experience
+8 Strength, +7 Agility, +15 Power
Green Tomato                             +30 Pet Experience 
+7 Strength, +10 Intellect, +13 Power
Cubby Broccoli                            +30 Pet Experience
+10 Strength, +7 Will, +13 Power
Yellow Corn                                   +30 Pet Experience 
+7 Agility, +10 Will, +13 Power
Crab Apples                                  +25 Pet Experience
+4 Strength, +10 Agility, +1 Will, +10 Power
Baby Carrot                                  +25 Pet Experience
+5 Intellect, +10 Will, +10 Power
Sun Fruit                                       +25 Pet Experience
+7 Strength, +2 Intellect, +5 Agility, +1 Will, +10 Power
Dragonhorned Melon               +25 Pet Experience
+8 Strength +5 Intellect +2 Agility +10 Power

On the average you get two Rank 9's and 5 Rank 8's
out of each Mega Snack Pack.
And the average of all snacks's xp combined is 35.
Then I multiplied it by 7 since there are 7 snacks in each pack
which came out to 245 per Mega Pack.


To Teen which has 150 xp to complete.. It takes 1/2 of a Mega Snack Pack to reach Teen.

To Adult which has 250 xp to complete..  It takes ONE Mega Snack Pack and an extra Rank 5 Snack (or 5 training points) to reach Adult.

To Ancient which has 500 xp to complete.. It takes TWO Mega Snack Packs and two extra Rank 5 Snacks (or 10 training points) to reach Ancient.

To Epic which has 1000 xp to complete.. It takes FOUR Mega Snack Packs and four extra Rank 5 Snacks (or 20 training points) to reach Epic.

Or just add one more Mega Snack Pack instead of Rank 5 Snacks.

To make a pet reach Epic, you need at least 8 Mega Snack Packs
if you are not using Rank 5's at all.

8 Mega Snack Packs times 2500 Crowns would be
20,000 Crowns.

So my suggestion to you on
how to get Rank 9's and SAVE CROWNS
is to plant Evil Magma Peas.
They might be a tad expensive.
But, they will repay the cost by constantly giving back a free seed
and giving you free Rank 9 Snacks.
So in the long run, they really do save you money.

But, if you really can't afford Crown Plants,
try Prickly Bears for Rank 8's Snacks.
And they do help you with gold by giving you lesser rank snacks to sell
which helps setting you up for hatching without worrying about gold!

And Bushes do drop Rank 9's, but not that often.

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  1. This comes in handy... Thanks, Kelsey!

  2. *Takes a breath of air* Wow Kelsey... That's a lot of packs :P It will definitely come in handy (as soon as I get crowns ;)

    Thanks for the amazing post!

  3. Well, potatoes coach give good snacks 7 rank and always give 200 or 300 gold in adult and elder is 900+ and give 2 snacks and 1 mega and also give one seed the only good thing from EMP are the reagents but that right you want save crowns and get megas you have to buy crowns plants and good guide :) put it in central

  4. This is a very useful, especially because it break down the snacks for each level of maturity. Some people might want to take a chance with a few Dragon Horde pack for only 400 crowns each. Someone gifted me one today, and I got Evil Magma Peas! I will try to be patient and harvest seeds from them to grow a full plot. Thank you Kelsey for this very useful post. It is very important to point out the expense of Mega Snacks now that there are new and exciting pets with new talents every few weeks!

  5. Use Couch Potatoes instead of Prickly Bears they drop Rank 9 pet snacks and are better overall.


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