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Guide to Kirin Hoard Packs

Kirin Hoard Packs were added February 8th, 2012. Here's the list of what the packs contained. Also can be viewed on our site at StarsoftheSpiral.com



Do Daga, Rank 5 Deals Storm 790-870
Tamauji, Rank 6 Deals Ice 625
Yochimo, Rank 5 Deals Storm 795
Do Daga, Rank 5 Deals Storm 790-870
Koto, Rank 5 Deals Fire 665
Otomo Fury, Rank 6 Deals Myth 725-805
Kakeda Painbringer, Rank 5 Deals Death 500-580
Ninja Pigs, Rank 5 Deals Myth 640
Aiuchi, Rank Ice Deals Ice 550



Treant bobblehead
Ninja Pig bobblehead
Oni bobblehead
Goat Monk bobblehead
Pearl Orchid
Iron Tea Pot
Low Purple Vase
Crossed Naginata Spears
Green Sword Display
Bamboo Barrier
Mooshu Combat Theme
Moodha Bust
Small Wooden Table
Tatami Floor Mat
Iron Tea Pot
Wooden Memorial



Elemental Foo Dog
Lavender Foo Dog
Imperial Foo Dog
Guardian Foo Dog
Fiendish Foo Dog 
Stone Colossus
Yellow Elf
Brown Spider
Goat Monk
Life Ghoul
Yellow Ghost
Dream Ghoul
Ninja Pig
Plague Ninja
Jade Oni



Basil Poodle Noddles Rank 8 Myth
Kapow Pug Poppers Rank 8 Fire
Fido's Fortune Puffs Rank 8 Ice
Zen Poppers Rank 8 Balance

Mooshu Tofu Rank 7 Life
Killer Tomato Rank 7 Fire
Sweet and Sour Chow Rank 7
Hot Ginger Snaps Rank 7 Storm
Hot and Sour Bits Rank 7 Fire
Jade Palace Tempura Rank 7 Death

Golden Pizza Rank 6 Storm
Jar of Jellybeans Rank 6 Myth

Goat Cheese Rank 5
Taco Town Special Rank 5
Fire Passion Fruit Rank 5 Fire
Mooshu Cheddar Life Rank 5
King Banana Myth Rank 5
Flaming Soup Rank 5
Eggplant Myth Rank 5

Golden Squash Rank 4 Ice
Golden Squash Rank 4
Crunch Apple Rank 4
Large Fish Rank 4
Fire Cracker Rank 4
Ape Grapes Rank 4
Square Root Rank 4
Large Watermelon Rank 4

Mooshu Broccoli Rank 2
Sweet Pineapple Rank 1



Shadow Oil
Ghost Fire
Crystal Vial



Deadly Ninja Fig
Ninja Fig
Venus Fly Trap
Pink Laugh-O-Dil
Deadly Ninja Fig
Orange Dandelion



Chiming Blade
Four Bells Ringing
Ringing Broadsword



Rokugo Helmet
Kozane Helm
Oyoroi Helmet

Kozane Armor
Rokugo Armor
Oyoroi Breastplate

Kozane Boots
Oyori Sandals
Rukugo Boots



Gold Kirin
Silver Kirin
Blue Kirin
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