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Tag Game: New Item in Test Realm To Test Out!

There's a new game to test out: the Tag Game!

You turn it on and then you become it, chasing people down in either Gobbler or Fire Elf suit, making others it too.

The Housing Game, which is the Gobbler suit, it's an indefinite game that you can just keep chasing each other making each other it.

 The Wildfire Game, which is the Fire Elf suit, you chase everyone down until the last person is standing and is the winner! 


Also there's new buttons in the Crown Shop:
House Furniture & Rings/Athames.
This would make us easily look at furniture and houses separately.

They will take all of the crown knifes, amulets, rings from all shops in the spiral and putting it in the Crown Shop. Making it easier for lower level wizards to grab those items if they need them in side worlds or wherever they choose to be in than asking someone to transport them there.


There's more update news in the Wizard101 Test Realm News.
Check it out at:

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