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What is Pirate101?

Pirate101 is a brand new game that takes place in the Spiral. You can sail your custom Pirate ship through the Skyways to both strange and familiar lands. In Pirate101, your Pirate is never alone in tough battles with bosses like the Cutthroat sharks. Your Pirate crew of Companions is always by your side - plus you can play with all your friends in Pirate101!

What’s a Companion?

Companions are your personal crew of ship mates that you form as you journey through the skyways. You’ll meet a lot of friendly folks while on your adventure that you can coerce to join your cause in one way or another. Your companions will take on a life of their own as they interact with you while on your journey. You’ll end up feeling pretty strongly about the worthiness of your crew in a scrap!

How do these battles play out in Pirate101?

So you want to know about all the rough and tumble you’ll be getting into, eh? There are plenty of fights ahead and many of these are going to test your wits to the limit! Strategy comes to the forefront in a battle board formation where you and your crew move about to fight and use powers. Sometimes you’ll find safety behind a barrel, while other times you’ll be leaping forward with a massive attack. There’s a wide variety of powers and skills to keep the fights interesting as well. Once you try it out, it’ll make perfect sense. Once you play it for a week or two, you’ll be finding new strategies on the battle board you never thought of before!

Can I play my Wizard101 Character in Pirate101?

While the games have some similar threads to them and take place in the same Spiral, you’re playing the part of an all new character: one that’s had a bit of a rough past, but also one who has an amazing future ahead of them! Merle Ambrose isn’t calling upon our hero for help; instead Captain Avery, Pirate Lord of Skull Island, becomes your Pirate's mentor. He's a shrewd teacher: you’ll have a long way to go to prove you’re tough and clever enough to be a Pirate in the dangerous skyways of the Spiral.

Do I fight against Malistaire?

No - the Wizards of Ravenwood are a reclusive and mysterious bunch, and the common folk of the Spiral don’t have the faintest notion of what is happening behind the hallowed walls and looming towers of Wizard City. The affairs of wizards are strange, mysterious, and best ignored. Likewise, the professors in Wizard City would be at a loss to explain how fluctuations in the price of Tea in MooShu could lead to war between Polaris and Marleybone.

For the farmers, craftsman and artisans that populate the rest of the Spiral, the coming threat is not magical at all, but no less sinister. The Armada is on the march, a seemingly endless army of tireless, silent soldiers. Created to win a war, the Armada is now poised to conquer all the worlds of the Spiral and bring them under one banner – their own.

My wizard gets mounts, pets, gardens, and all kinds of cool housing items, will my Pirate get those too? Can I cast spells?

You’ll find a lot of the same fun systems in Pirate101 as you did in Wizard101, but it’s a whole new world where Pirates take the forefront and leave the more magical artifacts to the spell casters. Mounts and pets will definitely make an appearance. As for spells, most Pirates don’t deal in traditional magic – Witchdoctors make do with Hoodoo, the magic of curses and hexes, but most Pirates are a supersititous lot - they'll trust in a good sparkshooter (a gun that fires lightning instead of bullets), cutlass, and a belt full of knives.

Witchdoctors sound cool! What other classes can I play?

Witchdoctors are cool! So are the four other classes too: Swashbucklers, Musketeers, Buccaneers, and Privateers! Each class has its own powers, skills, armor, companions, and weapons.

Will my Wizard101 membership work for Pirate101?

No, Wizard101 and Pirate101 will have separate memberships. However, there are great ways to save if you play multiple games!
  • If a single account has both Wizard101 and Pirate101 monthly memberships, each game will be at the $6.95 per month pricing that is currently considered “family pricing” in Wizard101. This means if you already have a 1 Month Membership for Wizard101 at $9.95 per month, you can add Pirate101 for just an additional $3.95 per month!
  • If any family/linked group of accounts has two or more 1 Month Memberships regardless of which games, those will be priced at $6.95 per month as well.
  • For our Crowns players, Crowns are at an account level and can be spent in both Wizard101 and Pirate101.

Where and when can I download Pirate101?

If your account is selected for Beta you will receive instructions with your Beta invitation. When Pirate101 goes live later this year, it will be available for everyone to download at no cost.

When is Closed Beta?

A closed Beta phase for Pirate101 will occur later this year.

Is there an Open Beta?

Currently, there are no plans to hold an open Beta.

When will I know if I can play in the Closed Beta?

We will make an announcement through the Pirate101 website and Facebook page before we send out official Beta invitations. If your account is selected for participation in Beta testing, you will receive an official email from KingsIsle.

How do I get selected for Closed Beta?

To enter into our Closed Beta drawing, all you have to do is login to Pirate101.com with your existing Wizard101 account. If you’re new to KingsIsle Entertainment games, register for a Pirate101 account and you’re in the running!

Will KingsIsle keep working on Wizard101?

KingsIsle remains absolutely committed to adding new systems, stories and worlds to Wizard101. In fact, we have more people working on Wizard101 today than we did at launch in 2008.

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