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A Deeper Look at Skull Island - More Pictures from Pirate101!

Ominous rumors have come to Puerto Mico from the nearby Isle of Doom. It is said the Monquistadors prying the gold form the ruined cities there have disturbed... something. Several Monkeys, near death and driven mad with fear, have staggered out of the jungles raving of ancient tombs opening, and the scaly horrors that emerged from them. Surely these are nothing more than fever dreams!

Dinosaur Mummies? How COOL is that?! :O

Monquistan literature if filled with examples of the heroic quest, where a Monquistador overcomes all odds to right a great wrong or do some impossible deed. Alas, in the real world, some Monquistadors become so obsessed with glory that nothing can turn them from their quest - not even death.

No Date of Birth? Awww. A monkey skelly with no past. At least he still has his gold tooth!

A wonder of the Skyways, the village of Jonah Town is built on the back of a great Sky Whale. The humble fisherfolk who live in Jonah Town make their living catching sky fish and clams from the Skyways, but most of each day's catch is fed to the Whale - bad things happen if he gets too hungry...

Male? Hmm, I wonder if there's FEMALE flying whales? I sure hope so! WAIT?! Too hungry? Me scared now. :(

Captain Ahab, mayor and skipper of Jonah Town, is a friendly old bird. He's been the leader in Jonah Town for many years, and the welfare of his people (and the Whale) are his greatest concern. They say old Ahab can understand what the Whale is singing - on some nights, he stands in the prow of Jonah Town and sings back.

I wonder if Ahab will tell us what the whale is singing about?

The jungles of Skull Island hide many mysteries, including ancient ruins, abandoned countless years ago. Many Pirates and Monquistadors have braved these tombs and temples, combing them for gold and jade. Too many of them have not returned. Who raised the great pyramids and dug the vast subterranean labyrinths of Skull Island?

OOH, I LOVE Mysteries! Can't wait to go digging through those ruins like Indiana Jones!

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