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Pagoda Gauntlet Dungeon: A New Bundle from Wizard101!

You can find this in Target!
There's no House with this bundle, but a new Dungeon House Furniture
that you can place in your house.
It comes with a Rickshaw mount and a Monkey pet
and other things!

For pictures of mount and other items;
check this link out

This is how the story begins. And don't worry about dying in here
once the battle ends, you will be taken back to the first floor.
Don't flee, you won't be able to port in.
And there will be health wisps waiting for you too.

1st Battle: Mobs

2nd Battle: Mobs

3rd Battle: 9,000k health Boss with 3 minions
Boss does pierce/shatter and then weak vampire when attacked.

4th Battle: Mobs

5th battle: Puzzle Room

It's easy, just pick the ones that look oldest.
First is front right, Second is back left, Third front left, Fourth back right

6th Battle: Infection in first or second round.
Legions every 3 rounds
"Time Bomb!" One of them puts trap on itself and then wands itself approx 3 or 4 times.
Not sure what triggers this.
"And Continue The Chain!" If you do an AOE, they will do an AOE too.
They are able to do Rebirths, Sirens, Regenerate, Earthquake.

Myth does the Legions
Balance does Sirens
Myth and Life does Rebirths

The Ice Boss Loves -90% Towers and wanding you all with his wand which is
why he always says "Don't Mess With My Halberd: or something like that. The wand is a Halberd
and it is a star wand.
When everyone is gone, he stops doing the Towers.
There's a bug with the fire boss. Sometimes he wands himself to death.
We do not know the exact trigger yet.

This was with 3 Level 80's and a 73.

This is with all Level 80s. Notice the difference in health?

The End!

Pagoda Gauntlet Dungeon: A New Bundle from Wizard101! Pagoda Gauntlet Dungeon: A New Bundle from Wizard101! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. a bit sad because I'm hoping there is another way to obtain this, also any level restrictions?

    1. No level restrictions. Maybe someday they'll put it on the site. Who knows? They could also put it on the Target site.

  2. I was going to buy it, but no house was a deal breaker.
    ~Jordan Seadreamer

  3. Is this interchangeable with other houses? Like can i move from house to house? Great little site you have here!

  4. Thank you for the compliment and it's non-tradeable :(

  5. believe it or not enemy strength depends on the level of the weakest pagoda member


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