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Pirate101: Snapshots of Pirate101 Life

Yes, the sky-ships. Do you notice anything special?

How about the symbols on the sails? Ooh, does this mean a pirate or a buccaneer owns this ship?
Guess it's one of those mysteries we'll have to find out.

Oh this symbol is obviously Valencia. Hmm, this is kinda interesting.

Ooh do I spy a vendor?! OOH.. I wonder of what? 

Have you noticed that health meter?
So this is how we know if the enemies are getting weaker.
How interesting. But seems like we do fight them inside common areas?
Food for thought.

This seems so cool. I wonder if this is a pirate tavern!

Close up.

Inside the volcano, while walking by, notice something on the wall? LOL!

Another bar tavern? Hmm interesting!

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