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P101 In-Game Pictures Released!!

The newest one released today!
Notice the list of the menu chat categories and they do seem to talk in a piratey fashion!
If you  notice on the bar on top, it does say Bristly Delaney Windlass.
How interesting!! 

For a while now, J. Todd Coleman has been releasing tons of amazing Pirate101 photos. Here they are!

The Great Turtle of Mooshu!

Yep we have towns on whales.. and now Turtles.
What next? LOL.

Guinea Pig Merchant in Valencia

That's one cute guinea pig! So love its mustache.


The following pictures is a progression of the Companions(?) in their looks as they level up.

Valencia Unicorn Musketeers

I really like the hat. I'm so envious. I wanna wear it now!


Valencia Unicorn Duelists

I wanna see how that unicorn moves in the ring. Should be awesome!


Valencia Unicorn Warriors

Now you can see pirate all over this guy. He's tough, and his whole personality just gives off
that aura of excitement and leadership!


Now for the cool photos!

The Female Selection photo for Pirate101!!

Source: J. Todd Coleman's FB Page


More cool photos from One Eyed Jack on Pirate101 Central!

This character is named Spencer. And if you notice carefully, there's a Character experience on the top of the character. The Nautical experience is on the bottom. You also get a Nautical title. Spencer apparently is a Bilge Rat LOL! And you also seem to earn a title of Diligent Flint if you are Level 35. I think Archaic Sparquebus is a weapon that your character wields. That's the stats of it that you see when you hover over Weapon. The background is obviously Monsquista btw.

As for the side buttons, I believe that the Hook is Character Stats, Backpack, The Book for "My Powers" aka Skills you learn, Badges and the chess is for Companions.

LOL, at the bottom it says "Talk to Skinny Pete in the Kraken Skulls Tavern." That's funny! And wow there's a Royal Throne Room? Sweet!

Apparently Skull Island Fort is nearby. Awesome! Notice the Mooshu items in the background? Potted Bamboo, Paper Lanterns and the Tan Samoorai Armor from the Emperor's Pack? Oh yea, we see Wizard101 items in this game. WOOT!

Notice the button on top? The Hook is for your own general character info such as your own Character's stats, Backpack, Powers, Badges and Companions.

Look at the top buttons again. Character is first of course, but look at others.. The Chalice, could that be for our Loot or Prizes?, Ships such as what ships we have and their stats?, Crown Shop obviously and Options. The last one seems to be a Bug report lol.

Now look at the bottom left. See that red globe? Yes it's the familiar health globe! But look closer at those four icons surrounding it? The Skull icon, I wonder if that's your character icon too that will open your book while walking around outside. The second icon below it is a Life Fountain. It's where you can save your last place and if you die, that's where you return to. The one below it is of course Home. :) I can't wait to see Pirate101 houses! Then the last one is Map. Without a map, we would be forever lost.

On the top in both corners, in the left text and menu chat button and in the right, the friends button. Awesome!

Did you notice it saying "Defeat Troggies in Skull Mountains"? Dang, can't wait to do just that!

Yes the ship has its own ball. But I think that ball is for the Ship's health. If it falls apart, the crew is doomed. The yellow part though, I am not sure what that is. I wonder if that's the Ammo?
Then the buttons around it. I wonder if that's the speed in the biggest spot. Then maybe additional skills or equipment we will gain to be used in those spots such as better cannons? Rudder? That sort of thing?

Or they just get canceled out because we don't need them? Who knows?
Nice Anchor btw. 

Notice it says "Enter Skull Island." How cool is that?! Now tell me that doesn't get your blood pumping? ;)

Source: Pirate101 Central
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