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Pirate101 - Sneak Peek Reviews

Pirate101 has generously given everyone a chance to play the game for 6 hours
and there were rave reviews all over the board.
It was amazing! I am glad to have been there to witness this entire thing.
It is one of the most amazing moments to have seen.

A chorus of "Welcome New Pirates to Pirate101!" was being shouted out by the Beta Players
and those who have purchased the bundles to the newcomers who were new to the game.

"WOW! I never seen this many people before! Hi Everybody!"

"This is a great indication of a smash success once the game hits Live."

"I'm loving this game so far!"

"O: xd this is mad epic lol"

"Say Woot if you like Kingsisle"

A stranger asks another stranger, "OMG I am loving this game so far! What about you?"
And the other responded, "Yes Me Too!"

"I wish Sneak Peek lasted forever!"

 The comments above has said it all.

Personally I was stoked to see that while sailing and fighting ships, it was lag-free.
And there were a lot of ships and rafts around us.
This was a great Sneak Peek and I truly enjoyed meeting new people,
adding new friends and showing them around.
Can't wait for next week's Headstart! WOOT!
Pirate101 - Sneak Peek Reviews Pirate101 - Sneak Peek Reviews Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Thursday, October 04, 2012 Rating: 5

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