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Pirate101 Test Realm - Practice PvP is Here!

So which team do you wanna be on? Red or Blue?

Yep I'm at my Castaway house checking out the super cool practice pvp arena there.
Mind you it's a 1v1 pvp arena.

Volcano's 1v1 PvP Arena

Skull Island's 4v4 Practice PvP Arena building

The 4v4 PvP Sigils

Yes there are TWO Practice PvP Arena buildings.

I'm in the middle of a fight as a viewer. I can run around without being pulled
and see the action up close which rocked.

This time I joined the fight.. What an amazing experience!

Oh I know the increased accuracy and damage is going to be the "Spritely" of Pirate101.
Btw how colorful are those names?! I totally loved it!

That Bulldog is too cute for words!

 Notice someone's pet turtle sitting in the trap? LOL. Guess someone has a tough shell.


There were a few bugs to squash from what I could see. But this is going to be a great experience!
I can't wait to keep playing and improving so I can understand what is best for my class
and my companions.

To read the Update Notes and find out how to join P101 Test Realm,

Pirate101 Test Realm - Practice PvP is Here! Pirate101 Test Realm - Practice PvP is Here! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Friday, December 07, 2012 Rating: 5

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