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Hopes for 2013: Pirate101 & Wizard101


I am hoping that there will be more gardening plants that will drop Amber. We all need MORE AMBER! It's not the "Gold Rush" in Wizzy, but "Amber Rush" rofl

I would love a house for pets only with a barn and fences, so we can set up each area for pets. I would love to be able to set up an area for "dud" & "potential" pets. The fences we set up must be able to keep the pets IN. So I don't have to chase everyone down and having to pick them up to check who is who.

A house, or rather land property, for gardening only.

It would be amazing to see our Wizards' knees being able to bend.

I would love to see pet mini games that we can set at our house, so we can play with privacy.

I would like special craftable pet snacks that gives 100 xp esp for those Mega pets!

More Zafaria furniture! My poor Sun Palace is half bare.

I would love to have that stone from Lady of the Lake's house in Lake shore that had our name engraved on it as furniture.

I would love a KI Free Game that allowed us to tend to our gardens.

I would love to visit Candy World! It would be like visiting Charlie's Chocolate Factory. SUGAR RUSH!

I would love more holiday houses like for example..

Christmas - a gingerbread house with peppermint fences and gumdrop sidewalks. There should be a giant present that will reward you reagents, etc.
PETS: Christmas tree that hums or sings "Jingle bells" and bops to the music.
MOUNTS: Boy, I can't imagine more mounts other than what Wizard101 has created so far. But it would be cool if we had a simple Polar Bear mount whose back we ride on.

Easter - A very Eggy house with a cool huge colorful egg basket that gives you reagents, snacks, etc. I want lush tall grasses everywhere where we can hide eggs for egg hunts.
PETS: Wysteria looking or a regular Bunny eating a carrot
MOUNTS: A broken half pastel colored egg shell with wings.

St. Patty's - A huge pot of gold house, rainbows everywhere and 4 leaf clovers covering the ground, small and large. There should be a leprechaun inside that will reward you reagents, etc.
PETS: Shamrock pet that casts a rainbow every once in a while over itself.
MOUNTS: A Cloud with rainbow seats and gold coins on the floor of the mount being pulled by a very green looking Unicorn.

St. Valentine's - We're up in the clouds, cupids flying all over, there's a beautiful pink house in the middle with hearts all over, even on the door. (Yes I want a femme house. I'm a girl :PPPP)
PETS: A dancing heart or an Unicorn with hearts all over it.
MOUNTS: A Unicorn or horse with hearts on its hide and pink mane.

July 4th - a house that has red, white, blue stripes and stars on it. There should be fireworks blasting in the twilight sky. I would love fireworks furniture (can be cannons if have to be) that will shoot cool fireworks that shows Ambrose's smiling face.
PETS: Unicorn with red and blue stars on it. A very festive red, white & blue Smith, waving a USA flag.
MOUNTS: A Roman carriage all covered in festive holiday color.

Halloween - a very Darkmoor house enuff said LOL!
PETS: A very realistic looking black cat with yellow eyes *HISSSSS!* She'll arch her back and fur will stand up, then she'll try to swipe her claws at you.
MOUNTS: Pumpkin carriage with vine wheels being pulled by demon skeleton horses.

I really want to be Level 100. That's just COOL! It's gonna be a great milestone. I hope I can be a professor someday or headmistress :D

Would love "Sell More" for Treasure Cards in Bazaar. Would help my poor fingers.

Make Amber easy to get! (I know I said this pretty much twice.. but I'm kinda desperate!)

New School Houses or "Professor" houses that has more land & more house room. The current school houses are very unbalanced in the house/land ratio.

New vendors from the Pirate101 side that will sell Pirate101 items, houses, furniture. It reminds me of the old days when there would be ships coming from Asia selling spice, silk and treasure to America and Europe. So I can imagine the same for Pirate101 and Wizard101.

Expand Wysteria please. I love this place, but it's way too small. I would love to be able to open the closed gates there and explore more of it! I'm a femme Indiana Jones, I MUST explore.

I would love worlds where I can swing on a vine to travel and etc. Do more interactive things. That reminds me, PLEASE add movies for Zip Lines and the cute Log Ship in Azteca that showed us actually travelling. I used to love riding on the Krok boat and DS dragon and watch the movies. It felt more real.

I would love a world where we can see amphibians. Would like to see turtle, gecko, frog, fish, water snakes NPCs. I would love to see a very swampy world with lily pads and huge cattails with underwater as well as land areas.


I wanna an UFO pet. Beam me up, Scotty!

I would like a Health & Mana potions to be able to fill up my Health and Mana right away if I'm stuck in a dungeon.

I would like a Gardening Pet that could do my gardens for me and/or give me cool gardening talents such as energy, gardening cards, a special pixie card I could cast on the plants etc.

More hair styles and hair/clothes color choices, please. :D Would be cool if we could dye THREE colors on a piece of gear. Like sub-trim?

More pet names!

What if a UFO actually crashed? And we meet a new alien race? :O


I can't wait for stitching. It would be cool if we could not only stitch our clothes, but our ship parts as well.

I really want to see Marleybone and Aguila as well as Polaris. I can imagine how beautiful it will be. I wanna fly with eagles. Can you imagine an Penguin companion? Or Polar Bear? :OOOO! EPIC!

I would like a Cool Ranch house. Would be a perfect place to release my horses and watch them roam. I just hope there's a huge shovel somewhere.

I would like a burning, literally set on fire, ship or a frost ship which is covered in frost, ice and icicles.

Ninja Turtle Companions FTW! Michelangelo is mine!

I would love for the houses' pvp arena be extended to 4v4.

New vendors from the Wizard101 side that will sell Pirate101 items, houses, furniture.

I would love a Wysteria bunny companion! I'd try not to squeeze that one too hard. But he's gonna be too cute for me to resist. Heck, can you imagine an Wysteria world in Pirate101, if they are not adding more in Wizard101? That would be cool esp when Wysteria is so small in Wizard101. I would love to learn more about them and explore more of their world.

New Holiday houses, mounts, pets.


More side quests released every month that requires us to find a certain treasure! It doesn't even have to be a full quest. Just a simple quest from Avery saying, "Hey pirate, wanna find a treasure chest? Here's a clue!" We get a very vague map. So we gotta explore on land everywhere. Once we find it, all we will see is a "Press X to dig up Treasure Chest", then we dig it up. Ratbeard can be our treasure chest detector since he's crazy about money. "Oooh Captain, I can smell GOLD! I think a treasure chest is nearby!" That'll help you look around a bit and BAM, that prompt to dig it up. Should be like 10,000 gold or 20,000 gold.

I honestly would love a Polaris or Aguila house. That'd be very unique and fun to own! A red house with snow on the ground? That will be a very pleasing sight for my eyes.

BAZAAAAAR! A girl needs to shop, ;) And Quick Sell from our backpack too! A girl needs to sell to earn gold :P

I want Yum Barrels and a glass of Yum as furniture, so we all can raise our glasses up in cheer! PS: I like grape flavor.

I wanna Ship vs Ship PvP. That's something I'm wanting to see badly.

I would love mini games when we visit our trainer if we want to brush up on our sword, gun skills, etc. If we do it right, we get more points for our agility, accuracy, etc. Or at least movies as we pick the talent we want to train and then the trainer says "Ah you have returned for more training?" And we see ourselves fencing with the trainer, or shooting at a bulls eye, etc, then afterwards the trainer will say "Ah, you have improved, here's your talent!" I can imagine Shadowdance to see myself doing amazing moves that's attached to that talent. Plus she could say "Remember if you want to see yourself doing the most moves, have the most agility as you can. The less, the less simple the move is." Something like that.

Would love a quest where we have to find a giant banana to appease the Monquistan Royalty.

Whew I'm exhausted from trying to think of new things! Hope my ideas inspire you to create some of your own. If you have any ideas you want to add, please post a comment below. Thanks!
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  1. Awesome ideas and love the holiday inspired houses and wysteria expansion,the p101 ideas were good too but I barely play it so thats why its mainly about w101 , hopefully KI will see this and consider some of your idea's

    Emma, lvl 29 Adept,Sorrcerer


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