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The Magical Land of Ellivara

Sometimes I wish I knew of a place who would pay me for my ideas lol. But here's one for you. I would love a game created with non human characters. It would be called "The Magical Land of Ellivara" or something :P

The story will go as like this. There's a huge magical forest where they all live in. One day, they suddenly see their own forest dying.. It's incredibly strange. They notice a leaf or two becoming shriveled and dried out. It becomes worse over time. So whatever character you pick, you have to learn your own character's abilities and grow up into an fully trained one. While you are growing up and learning, you band with other magical characters to find out what is happening to the magical forest. If it dies, so do they. So it's very important they find out what is the cause and fix whatever is going wrong.

You can play as an witch, ogre, troll, fairy, elf, leprechaun, a mad scientist, dragon or unicorn.

Witch - She can do magical spells and fly on her broom. Allergic to sunlight. So she does best at night.
Ogre - They are incredibly strong, they can knock down trees with a finger. Not terribly bright though.
Troll - Not really as strong as Ogres, but they're fast and can pack a wallop! Their greatest weapon is farting, burping, belching.
Fairy - They have magical healing abilities. Very shy. Tiny as your thumb. Cannot fight, too weak to.
Elf - Amazing warrior, great archer, very solitary. They live long time and have amazing health. 
Leprechaun - Has great abilities to increase your luck. If you need gold or need to find something special, the Lep is your buddy. They can sniff it out in a jiffy! They also can hide things or people if needed. Their only downfall is they get distracted easily or greedy when it comes to shiny things.
Mad Scientist - They can make chemicals that you could use as weapons and they can bring things back to life. It's very costly to bring life to a dead creature though. They are great doctors, they can fix anything.
Dragon - They can fly, breathe fire, hard to kill. Solitary creatures. But they're very wise, they're the sage of the forest and they live by their own law which says that they do not believe in killing innocent creatures. They have a special diamond symbol on their chest, that's their only weak spot. If you ever need answers, Dragons are the one to ask!
Unicorn - They are a great bringer of luck, but they are usually the ones who can guide you in the direction. They have an uncanny sense of direction and an eerie sense of what to come. They can't see everything, but they do receive signs or "Deja Vu" that confirms that they are going on the right path. If needed, although costly, they can cast a rainbow that can become your "escape hatch" out of a bad situation. Horrible fighter. They have hooves lol. Although sometimes their horn is useful as an stabbing weapon.

Yes there are humans in this game, although they are the magical creatures' natural and only enemy. Humans are the ones who want to get rid of the weird, strange, magical character from the land, so they can have it for themselves. So you eventually have to fight them to keep them at bay.

So what do you think?
The Magical Land of Ellivara The Magical Land of Ellivara Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Saturday, January 05, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. I love this entire idea, Kelsey! Who knew you were secretly a game strategist? Keep posting!

  2. sounds like it would be a cool game if it ever got made


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