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W101 Poetry - "The Cinderella and the King"

As I recline on the snow tops of the Himalayan,
the world as my blue and green throne,
I watch a bitter Cinderella isolate the light,
leaving the world in darkness.

I compose myself
as I sense the day of reckoning coming
and I decide the fate of the world is due,
sending out my best lifter.

As Ichabod scopes out the spot
where the world's most prized jewelry hide
deep within the world's chest,
his hands shake with anticipation.

And in my royal name,
the contrite but bold fellow
pinches the locket of starlight with easy haste,
dropping it in my ring jeweled hand.

The sky is subdued and quiet
as my feet sinks into the
marvelous and luxurious carpet of green
and a smile appears on my smug yet serene face.

I dig deep to the magician
that dwells deep within me
which slept for thousands of years
and I unleash it with none of the unease.

The days of heaven are filled
with agonized trembling
when the inner heart of
the locket of starlight is revealed.

As I let the magic of the heart whirl in my hand,
it explodes the world into submission,
and shocking Cinderella's deepest senses,
ushering the world into a new era.

The shadows lynched in one fell swoop
and within a single tear of apology from the bitter queen,
the world began anew with its mistakes wiped clean
and given a second chance.

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