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Wizard101 Test: Music, PvP and MORE!

Well, by now you will know that there's a new Tourney Pedestal in the PvP Arena where you can join tourneys for crowns. And a new interactable band that allows you to play and create music.

But what's more that is not mentioned is this...

New PvP Rewards

Yep new mount - Battle Gorilla!

Bronze Award, reagents, tcs even a Winter Moon TC, gears and pets like below:

Both Flamenco photos are from Duncan Stormthief
Thanks Duncan!

New Gear!

Where do you get those gears from, Richard? Nope he isn't telling us.
New Bundle, Packs, PvP Tourney Rewards? We'll eventually find out!

Thank you Richard Pearlsinger for showing us the gears and pets!

New Bundles!

New Bundle Out at Gamestop for $39

Comes with:
Aquila Palace with Fortune Telling Oracle (Say what?!)
Two Person Chariot Mount
Trojan Horse Pet - Has One Epic Slot and gives Gnomes! when adult (YEP! Take a look at: 
Gladiator Armor (Taurus?)
Gladiator Sword and Shield (?)
1 Month Membership or 5000 Crowns

New Bundle Out at Walmart for $29!

Comes With:
Two Person Whale Mount

Betta Fish Pet
Atlatean Armor
Magic Fish Tank Housing Item

1 Month Membership or 5000 Crowns

Once I will get more information or if I find out more new information, I will post them here.
Have a great day!

PS: I saw this pet .. Not sure if it's a new pet or a pet that has its name changed or "updated"...

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