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Overloading on Pirate101

This is what happens if you overload on Pirate101.
You start to notice things that weren't there before..

Walking around IRL

What? I'm not in Aquila, aren't I? Wait, that's the land of Eagles..
Is this Duckatopia? Am I imagining this? MISTER.. DUCK.. SIR? Where am I?
Oh shoot, I don't know the Quack Language...

Browsing The Internet

A Great Question of the Day... How did you attract so many Aquilans?
I mean Eagles?

Using Social Networks

So.. the other day, Fin Dorsal sent me a Facebook Friend Request..
Nice Profile Picture.. But really dude.. Why so serious? Poor Finny.

"NOOOooooooooooooooooo, MOMMA.. I NEED TO PLAY MORE PIRATE101!"
"But its 7am!"
"You played all night! You haven't gotten any sleep, haven't you?"
"Oh I give up! You're just a child in an adult's body"
"What is it about that game that is making you like this?"
"Mom.. You wouldn't understand. Unless you're a Pirate! Argh!"
"On that note.. I'll just make breakfast."
"That's right, Cap'n, you go do that and me work on beating that dreaded Rooke!"

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  1. Fortunately for me, I don't have this problem. My problem is that I only get to play pirate 101 for a couple hours a week.


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