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We've All Gone Barmy!

Bonnie Anne: “The Ancient Ones aren’t the only ones who’ve gone. He’s gone . . . gone completely barmy, Captain!”

"Surprise! Stay tuned to our regular social media channels for more mysterious screenshots like this and new, tantalizing sneak peeks and information over the next few weeks! Are you excited for November now? Let us know on Facebook!" -Pirate101's November Newsletter

My reaction? 

Are we seriously going to get a new world in Pirate101?
Or is it simply Thanksgiving quests? After all, Thanksgiving is coming up soon and BOTH games do not have any quests related to that holiday which I think we sorely need. It'd fit Pirate101 very nicely, especially when they have Cool Ranch. The theme of that world fits Thanksgiving's culture. Thanksgiving is an holiday that we do not truly appreciate, but we should.

Last five years, my family has been going through so many tragedies in such a short time. And thinking about Thanksgiving made me realize the true meaning of the holiday. It is to look back at your entire life or even just the past year and be thankful for the things that made you smile. For the people who have enriched your life. Even for the wonderful games like Pirate101 and/or Wizard101 for allowing you to gain so many lovely friends!

I'm quite grateful for what I have today, even with the losses I've endured. I'm grateful for all of the friends I've made in both games. I am very grateful for the support, the laughter and the good times with all of you. I'm grateful for every person who sends me a lovely comment, for supporting my work on my site and blog and for every kindness that was shown to me.

I sure hope when you sit down at your Thanksgiving dinner that you truly think about this. Be grateful for what you DO have. Remember, the small problems you go through everyday pales in comparison to the great things you do have. You should focus on that because the great things are the ones that matters the most.

I simply can't wait if this is truly a Thanksgiving quest. If not, I still hope my post reminds you to be more grateful and thankful. I would encourage you all to thank the people in your life and send out thoughtful words to them. If you want to send thanks via Twitter, you could use the hashtag #ThankYou.

#ThankYou all for a wonderful friend to me. Here's to many more years with all of you!

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  1. ok so barley is in test but he has not appeared for me and I have completed all material except for barley related quests. yep got shadow magic, defeated the ghost dog, tried the quest finder (all it does is tell me to talk to Brock celestialsong), ran around all available world areas looking for missed quests and still no barley. So i'm glad you thought to post his spells here but does he have any new seeds?

  2. Thanks, nice guide thing XD and happy thanksgiving!😃

  3. Isn't there already a storm hound? Unless you mean specifically the fierce hound appearance.

  4. Fantastic guide! well done and thanks so much.

  5. in the picture its not fire beetle, its a lava beetle, and the ice beetle, I also have it


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