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Catbeard's Shame

I was working on getting Zeena, a companion, to be a part of my crew. While questing on the Zeena questline, we had to have a conversation with the Aquilan War God, Ares. Honestly, one of my favorite characters in this game is Catbeard. He's very witty and funny who makes me laugh constantly. The way he slaps his enemies with a dead fish is a hilarious thing to watch. But while chatting with Ares, it took a turn that showed me Catbeard's serious side that we rarely see. Catbeard's response to what Ares said to him just made me love him even more. I wished that I could give him a great big hug.

But you know we, the crew and especially Catbeard get to learn a very important lesson. It's never too late to try to repair the mistakes that you have caused.. It doesn't mean that you are a bad person. Without mistakes, you cannot learn to be a better person. This should be applied to real life as well.

First we helped Ratbeard redeem himself, Catbeard, but now Zeena. Who's next? We shall see.

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