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Gorilla Warfare & Spider Eggs

I so do love a good sale! This is why I wanted to buy him now. You'll save 2,245 crowns.

"Oh Gortez, can you please just surrender? Preferably 25 times? I'll make it worth your while. You can be on my crew and I got plenty of yum!"

Pirate101 has a current sale on certain companions and one of them is Goronado aka Gortez. I couldn't pass it up and it took me two days to complete the badge to unlock him. Even though it's pretty an easy dungeon, it still was time consuming. People have said that he's amazing for Witchdoctors and if you keep picking Relentless, he becomes a beast. Well, he's already a beast. So Beastly Beast?

The badge I had to earn in order to unlock him. I had to defeat him 25 times! 

Not only that the dungeon forced me to collect spider eggs! EW! 8 spider eggs x 25 times? That's 200 spider eggs. Oh the horrors!!!

Gorilla Warlord

Tada! He's on my Witchdoctor's crew now. I can't wait to try him out! That axe looks wicked too.

Goronado's Profile

Gorilla Buccaneer
Buccaneer Class
How Obtained: Unlock Him in the Crown Shop by Completing Badge
Badge Name: "Lord of the Apes"

Already Comes With:
Gorilla Warfare - x1 Damage, Hits All Adjacent Enemies
Vicious Charge - Double Movement, Target Takes +50% Damage, -50% Accuracy, +50% Glancing Blow. (Stabby, Slashy, Choppy Weapons Required.)
Turn The Tide - +25% Damage When Below 50% Health
Bladestorm - Bonus Attack When You Defeat An Enemy
Jump - Can Jump Over Obstacles In Combat

Talents They Can Learn -

Epics They Can Learn -
Blade Storm 2
Vengeance Strike
Repel Boarders
Hold The Line

What Talents To Choose For This Companion:
Strong 4
Armored 4
Rough 4
Tough 4

What Epics To Choose For This Companion:
Relentless 2

Promotion #1: "Promotion" - Gorilla Warlord - Pay 3000 Gold - Level 30

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