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Pirate101 Egg Looks: Room For Improvements

So, we've been working on collecting pets in Pirate101 and you receive eggs that goes with each pet or type. But I have been playing Dragons of Berk that's based off "How To Train Your Dragon" movie. It's a great little game I've been enjoying. And it's perfect for someone like me who honestly adores dragons.

Now, collecting dragons on Dragons of Berk made me notice something. Dragons of Berk has amazing beautiful egg looks for each of their dragons. This made me think of Pirate101's eggs. I think there's room for major improvement. I know some people might say that it's not important. But if you can improve something, you should, even though it's not that important. 

Imagine this: You hatch for a pet and suddenly sees an AMAZING egg. Like one of the Dragons of Berk's eggs, the excitement will be even more. Because if the egg is THAT cool, the pet must be COOLER!

Pirate101's eggs seem a bit too simple. They all are the same shape. And even some of the eggs simply have stripes or spots. I would love to see more out of box eggs like the Dragons of Berk's below. Since Pirate101 has better graphics, they should push the envelope in creating amazing pets and especially eggs.

What do you think?

Pirate101 Egg Looks: Room For Improvements Pirate101 Egg Looks: Room For Improvements Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Friday, September 12, 2014 Rating: 5

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