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Invite-A-Friend: Does It Need Improvement?


So far as it stands, the only rewards for getting a friend to sign up for a NEW account and spending $6 or more on that account is a small amount of bonus crowns for both you and the new member. But it got me thinking.. why not improve or expand the benefits for this nifty little thing?

Ideas For Improvement:

  • Special Mount and/or Pet for both with maybe a Special Boost.
  • Automatic Add To Your Friends List - the name should be highlighted blue or an unique color so you will know right away where they came from. If you don't want this, there should be an option in the options that allow you to turn this off.
  • Bonus XP. Maybe even a XP Boost for the day or week.
  • A special gear set for the new member - the member should automatically get an useful gear set for questing to start out with.
  • A special unique and collectible gear for the friend like the funny glasses and mustache that Pirate101 only gives to the winners of their Pirate Puppet contests.
  • Elixirs to start off the member right with pet training, gardening, fishing. It would be given to the friend as well.

Invite-A-Friend: Does It Need Improvement? Invite-A-Friend: Does It Need Improvement? Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 Rating: 5

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