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Lockpicking: A Talent Pirates Should Have

You find a double chest (with two locks), or even better, a quad chest (with four locks), but your friend list is empty. Nobody is on. Nobody's around either. You're stuck not being able to open the chest. What shall you do? Normally you give up and walk away.

But, if Pirate101 uses my idea, you don't have to! Why can't we train for talents that are not related to PvE, but for other things such as the locked chests?!

First, I thought that what if we can use lock breaking talents on both Double and Quad chests?

Lockpicking - Rank 1: You can open double chests.
Dynamite - Rank 2 - You can open quad chests.

Some people were concerned that it would defeat the purpose of group chests that required teamwork, so I realized wait a minute.. Double chests, Quad Chests,... What if there was a chest with SIX locks?

So here's my idea for real:

Double Chests - Too bad, find a partner for this one.
Quad Chests - Lockpicking Rank 1 Talent
You can open two locks, not all four. You still need a partner who trained for lockpicking too or get two more people.
Six Lock Chests - DYNNNNNNNNNNAMITE! Rank 2 Talent
Break open THREE locks, not all six. You will still need a partner for this too.

In fact, with Six Lock Chests, you can use Lockpicking, it'd break 2 locks which means you could have three people open this with their own Lockpicking talent than six people.

This way, the group chests will STILL need teamwork, but also the talents would give you a leg up when nobody is around as well.

This could also be expanded to other areas. Pet Training Talents for example, with ranks of Novice, Apprentice, Master, and Expert. Every talent you train, you would gain a rank and it would give you a better percentage in being able to obtain better talents and producing hybrids or even making your pet a better fighter. This could also apply to ship fighting, ordering around companions and more. The possibilities could be limitless! Training points shouldn't be limited to only PvE and PvP.

Well, that's my idea for Pirate101. Hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Lockpicking: A Talent Pirates Should Have Lockpicking: A Talent Pirates Should Have Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Wednesday, April 08, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. I have been asking for this skill since April 15 of last year, I really hope they figure out how to implement it.

  2. Really? Wow! You never heard an answer from them? :(

  3. Nope, but at least they didn't say no lol. I am a hold out for hope :D


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