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Six Things You Should Know About Jewel Socketing

Wondering what is Jewel Socketing and how does it work? I'll explain here. Every Jewel has its own stats boost. It could be defense, offensive, even general health, pet, mana, energy boosts. You get to be able to add it to your existing gear to make it stronger which is very beneficial to your wizard. You can obtain jewels in two ways - crafting or from drops.

Now to explain more about Jewels. Here are six things you need to know to understand what are Jewels exactly and how to affix them to your gear as well as shatter.

1. Level of Jewel

Every 5 or 10 levels has its own name for jewels at that level. For example, If I say that I need Clear Jewels, I mean Level 85+ Jewels.

Level 15+ - Cracked
Level 25+ - Chipped
Level 35+ - Flawed
Level 45+ - Blemished
Level 55+ - Dull
Level 65+ - Plain
Level 75+ - Opaque
Level 85+ - Clear
Level 95+ - Polished
Level 105+ - Lustrous

 2. Type of Jewel

Every Jewel type stands for general use or specific schools.

Amethyst - Storm
Peridot - Fire
Jade - Life
Sapphire - Ice
Ruby -  Fire
Onyx - Death
Citrine - Balance
Opal - Any
Hemalite - Shadow

3. Shape of Jewel

There are four jewels at present that belong in four categories. I mentioned which amount is it - percent or flat, so you would be aware of what they could give.

Triangle Jewels -
Spell Cards. General and School Accuracy and Pip Chance (percent amount)

Circle Jewels -
Offensive Stats like School Critical, School Damage (flat amount)
Outgoing Heal (percent amount)

Square Jewels -
Defensive Stats like General Block, School Resist, School Block (flat amount)
Increase Base Healing & Stun Resistance (percent amount)
Boost Critical Block (percent amount)

Teardrop Jewels -
Fishing Luck (percent amount)
Health, Mana and Energy (flat amount)

 4. How To Affix & Shatter

What is Affix? It means to fit the jewel in. It's quite easy. Just make sure you have the proper shape and level to be able to affix it. The Affix button will light up if it is correct.

As for Shatter, it means to destroy the jewel. Once you shatter it, it's gone forever. So choose wisely. Simply click on a jewel and the "Shatter" button on the bottom will light up.

5. Socket Wretches

You might notice some sockets have locks on them. Sockets are the spots where you affix or fit the jewels in. This means that you need to unlock them. Socket Wretches are "tools" that you get as a drop that lets you unlock the socket spots for free. If you don't have one, you will have to pay with crowns to unlock the sockets. The crown cost will increase as you level to unlock the sockets.

For Example:

At Level 0-45: 45 crowns
At Level 50-75: 75 crowns
At Level 80-100: 150 crowns

6. New Reagents

There are new reagents that you will need if you want to craft jewels. You can find Pyrite, Bronze and Orichalcum from drops throughout the worlds in boss and mob battles. The other new reagents are Cobalt, Nickel, Penny which are used in the new Lava Aquarium recipes.

But, be aware when you craft a jewel, it will give random stats. You will not know what it gets until you finish crafting it. It's a gamble. Even the amount of boosts will change.

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