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Marissa Petal's The Cobb Theory

Introducing our Guest Poster, the lovely Marissa Petal with her Cobb Theory post!

In the last moments of the Morganthe story arc, we come across a mysterious stranger who goes by the name of Old Cobb. Old Cobb aids us by leading us through the Shadow Palace. After defeating Morganthe, Old Cobb disappears in a portal in Bastion. So, the question still remain; Who is he? Everybody automatically hopped onto the notion that Old Cobb will be the next enemy in the third story arch. I, on the other hand, think otherwise.

I don't think Old Cobb is the next major enemy we will face, simply over this fact; he helped us. I know, there's always the "keep your friends close and your enemies closer trick", but frankly, it would be very difficult for KI to ensue that, considering that we all use different tactics, even with cheating bosses.

Assuming to how he helped us, I would guess that he is a time-traveller of sorts, or maybe a fortune teller. He knew the threat ahead. If he was really the bad guy, he could've just ruined us right then and there, leading us to the wrong place, making us waste time and letting Morganthe win. But he didn't. Besides, we all know how KI is. They wouldn't flat out give us the next baddie while dealing with the other. It would be too easy. They probably threw in Cobb just to throw us off or psych us out.

So the next question still stands: who is the next enemy of the Spiral? I was thinking back to the former enemy ratio. Malistaire was a former Ravenwood teacher and Morganthe was Ambrose's former student. If the trend continues, the next enemy could be from Ravenwood. Maybe a current Ravenwood student gone rogue?
Duncan Soul brought up the idea of what if the next enemy is a shadow version of ourselves? I don't know how the Spiral will fare with two Marissas, one good and one evil, considering that one already causes enough chaos.
All I know for sure is that, considering Old Cobb's species, we are NOT done with bugs. Yuck. Time to get more Raid.

In the meantime, all we can do is wait and theorize until the next enemy shows their face, which hopefully won't be long.

Until next time!
~ Marissa Petal

Thank you Marissa Petal for being our Guest Poster!

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