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Top 17 Emotes I'd Like To Have In-Game

When Wizard101 and Pirate101 on Twitter asked what was our favorite in-game emote. I honestly think that we already have great emotes in-game, especially the Dance emotes. I even have my own favorites. But I realized that I wanted even more emotes to be added in-game. I mean they're so much fun to use! So for giggles, here's my top 17 suggested emotes. Hope it made you giggle.

1. The Best Way To Say I Love You

The above image was created by KingsIsle originally for this post
"Communicating With No Barriers" Thank you again, KingsIsle!

2. When Alexander Lionheart Is Around... 

3. When You Want To Make Music, But Can't Afford To Buy A Music Instrument

4. The Moment You Get What You Want In-Game

5. The Moment Someone Else Gets What You Want

6. When You Get What You DON'T Want

7. When You Don't Get What You Want

8. When You Don't Know What Else To Say... 

9. When Everything Else Fails... 

10. When You Wanna Be A Big Shot

11. When You Feel Like Wearing A Tutu

12. When Alexander Lionheart Makes Another Pun

13. When Our Team Succeeds In PvP or Graveyard

14. When Someone Taunts You

15. When You Fizzle

16. When A Boss Kills Your Entire Team in Graveyard

17. When Book 15 Comes Out Someday

So what other emotes would you like to be added to Wizard101 and Pirate101?
Let us know in the comments below.

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