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New Wizard101 Pet Found - the Dragonfly Pet

Last night, someone spotted a dragonfly pet in Pet Pavilion. Suddenly the community was all atwitter'ing about if it was a hoax or if it was actually real. Then we tried to figure out where it could come from. The person with the dragonfly pet did not really help, so it was incredibly confusing.

...Until this morning when Wizard101 chimed in on their Twitter account. By the way, if you are not following them on Twitter, you're missing out.

We knew immediately that this had to be a hint at how to create the Dragonfly pet! Off to work, we went! Suddenly, the pet hatchery were full of wizards trying to hatch their Bumblebee pet with the dragon pets that was mentioned on the game card page and even with dragon game card pets that were not available this month. Yep, it was free for all in there. The hype was real. Wasn't pretty. Imagine Black Friday.

But one brave wizard has discovered the combination, Tabitha Stormcaster! 

The Hybrid Pet's Stats

We gleefully cheered and said that this must be it. We all said that Tabitha Stormcaster was our hero! But then Wizard101 dropped yet another bombshell.

Say what? It's also dropped in-game? Where?! Pits was a clue, so Black Hole in The Hive? Some people thought maybe it was the Mutation Chambers of The Hive too? They do have Pit Goliaths. But then, Wizard101 said on a certain BOSS's loot table, so it can't be mob monsters. Also it has to be a boss that's not farmed that much if it has not been found by now. What do you think?

UPDATE: Wizard101 has now said that it is NOT dropped in game due to a bug.

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