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Blaugust Day 18: Pirate101 Housing Sale

Pirate101 is having a housing sale until the 23rd of August. This means what? Houses and some house furniture are on sale which means you'll save quite a bit of crowns. The sale only applies to the crown price, not the gold price.

The Old Homestead

Smuggler's Cove Docks

One of the buildings in Smuggler's Cove

The Smuggler's Cove Lighthouse

The class houses are HALF OFF which is an amazing deal! But then, you could simply buy any of the houses for 100k gold which is you know free... I sure wish they had a sale on the gold prices. Oh well.

Beam me up, Scotty!


This is not sold for gold, only for crowns, so this is actually a good deal if you want six transporters. Each transporter individually costs 2500 crowns, so if you bought 6 transporters individually, it would cost you fifteen thousand crowns. So even without the sale, the pack is still a sweet deal saving you five thousand crowns. But, with the sale on, you save yet ANOTHER five thousand crowns. This means with this sale, you will have saved ten thousand crowns.

Ya know, the other stuff...

"None of your fancy life fountains is here. You'll fight each fight and every fight until you walk out or get carried out in six pieces." - So says the nice doggy, Scriptop, in the Smuggler's Arena

Like mini games? It's on sale. But that's not the best part. The best part actually is that the Smuggler's Arena is on sale! Smuggler's Arena now costs only 5k which saves you 2500 crowns. Buy it before it's too late. Smuggler's Arena is perfect for those who like to fight and well, earn scrip! Both mini games and Smuggler's Arena are sold only for crowns, so this sale is great for those items if you have been wanting to buy one.

The Super Piratey Furniture! 

Swashbuckler's Living Room Furniture

Yes it even includes a Fish Tank!

Those you could buy for gold instead if you got it. They cost only 22500 gold each. Again, I wish the gold price was on sale. But oh well, you get what you can get.

Have fun shopping!

Come and join the Blaugust Challenge! Check out their official guidelines at:

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