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Blaugust Day 29: ASL Finger Spelling Quote

For a change, I decided to do something different this time. Something fun.

You know, I was born deaf due to my mother having German Measles while pregnant with me. Because of that, I'm very fluent in American Sign Language obviously. I grew up in a deaf school that taught me that I'm no different than anybody in the world. It's how I approach other people, like equals.

There is still a small stigma towards gamers. Sometimes people think that gamers are people who are stuck in their mom's basement. I never thought of gamers that way and I always tried to show others that gamers are normal people like them. My family is full of gamers so I was practically raised on games. My first console game was Nintendo. Gosh I loved Mario and Luigi when I was a kid. Even today, you can find my mother playing computer games. She likes those mystery ones where you got to figure out the puzzles and stuff. She's a Nancy Drew type of gamer.

Anyway, when I saw the above ASL Finger Spelling Quote picture, I thought immediately that it would be neat if you guys can figure this out. It's something fun and different. Hey, why not? After all, I know a lot of you are very interested in sign language. I thought this would be a neat way to start or even something for the experienced to do. Not only that, I loved the quote in it. 

If you do figure out what it says, please leave a comment on this blog post. Good luck!

Come and join the Blaugust Challenge! Check out their official guidelines at:

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