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Blaugust Day 9: Wizard101 School Themed Furniture Coming Soon?

So this week Wizard101 has surprised us with introducing awesome new world themed furniture sets in their Crown Shop for House-A-Palooza 2015. Although one pack in the Crown Shop was accidentally labeled "Fire School Furniture Set 3." Is this accidental leakage a sign that new school themed furniture coming our way? After all, I don't think they would create a pack image, especially one in 3-D for giggles. I personally that think they are preparing them for a future update, but uploaded one of the images for the world themed furniture sets by accident. So the fact that the image is already prepared is a big clue that the school themed furniture is coming soon.

For a long while now countless wizards have been asking, no they have been begging, for school themed furniture ever since they saw the cool school themed furniture in the incredibly popular "Five B.O.X.E.S" event. This has set off the desire in wizards to have more school themed furniture. MOAR, MOAR, MOAR, they cried! Wizard101 answered with a cryptic message - "We will see." 

But when I asked Gary, a Kingisle software engineer for Wizard101, we got a surprising answer. Apparently if the stars line up correctly, we might see them in the fall. Now let's just hope that Morganthe doesn't throw any bugs to delay this wonderful surprise.

Personally I cannot wait to see Fire School themed furniture. I'm already thinking about which house and which room to decorate. I'm thinking of decking out my dorm actually. I just hope that it comes with school themed wallpaper and flooring as well. I would love a wallpaper and floor that looks like it's burning up. FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, the pyro in me chants. Sorry, my school pride can be quite.... fiery.

I would decorate a Fire School house, but honestly I don't like the design and look of it. They seemed quite cramped and just not to my liking. Sorry, I'm a girl which means I'm picky. But hopefully someday they do introduce a new line of school themed houses as well as a dorm expansion. God that would be amazing. Okay, enough dreaming for today and back to gaming for me or sleeping that is, after all it is Sunday.

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