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Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day! Pirate101 celebrated it by giving away free items and introduced a brand new eyepatch in the Crown Shop, the Crossbones Eyepatch for 100 Crowns!

From now to September 20th, you can get your own free item from Pirate101 at:

A Few Tips For You Pirates!

1) Double all adjectives. Don't speak about you as a dangerous pirate, call yourself a dangerous hazardous pirate.
2) Leave out all g' and v's. Say sailin' instead of sailing or ne'er instead of never.
3) Don't speak in any other tense than the present tense. Instead of conjugating the verbs, just say me be, you be, we be.
4) Don't say I. Say me. "Lookit me new sword!"
5) Never use you or you're. Say yer, ye or ya like "here's yer dinner, ya mangy cockroach!"
6) Don't say Oh, say O'

Pirate Meanings

Pirate Slag - English
Ahoy! - Hey! or Hello!
Aye! - Yes!
Arrrr - Yes, I agree or I'm happy
Avast - To tell others stop and pay attention like "Look here everybody, I gotta tell you something"
Belay - Stop that or Cut it out
Bilge - Unwanted water collecting in your ship (weighs her down and needs to be removed)
Blaggard - An untrustworthy scoundrel
Boatswain - often pronounced Bosun. Usually in charge of the deck such as crew, equipment or activity.
Booty - Treasure
Bucko - show off
Cat O'Nine Tails - A multi-tailed whip
Dance the Hempen Jig - To hang
Doubloon - Gold coins, very precious currency
Davy Jones' Locker - A reference to death. An imaginary place that holds dead sailor and pirates.
To be in Davy's Grip - Close to death
To have the Davies or the Joneseys - To be frightened
To see you to Davy Jones - To threaten to kill someone
Dungbie - The hiney or read end
Grog - watered down rum or yum!
Fer - For
Hearty - More friendly than "matey"
Hempen Halter - the noose
Hornswaggle - to cheat or defraud
Jack Tar - seamen of the merchant navy (it's an insult if you say this to a pirate)
Jolly Ranger - The pirate flag (skull and crossbones)
Landlubber - People who are not skilled at being on a boat or people who are from the land
Loaded to the Gunwales - To be tipsy
Matey - Friendly way to call a person
Me - I
Parley - Discuss a halt to fighting or related matters.
Pieces o' Eight - Silver coins that are worth less than a Doubloon.
Shiver me Timbers! - An exclamation of surprise!
Swing the Lead - Throw a weight overboard to measure the water's depth
Scurvy Dog! - An insult
Take a Caulk - Take a nap on the deck
Yer, ye, ya - you or you're
Yo ho ho! - Pirate laughter
O' - Oh

The above list is even on our Stars of the Spiral site for future reference at:

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