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Blaugust Day 8: The 10 Most Memorable & Beautiful Locations of Wizard101

I was reading this blog post about photos of beautiful places in games. It made me think of Wizard101 because that game really does have certain places that are memorable and/or totally gorgeous. I thought I should list my favorites!

1. Shadow Palace

I remember arriving here and going, WHOA! This looks absolutely amazing. The colors and the look of the magic swirling around. The combination of it all was just stunning to me. I knew this was gonna be epic just based on the way it looked.

2. Castle Darkmoor

The Addams Family Castle is what I call this place. I LOVE IT! I always hum the Addams Family theme song when I'm here. The bats flying around is my most favorite touch. I love spooky places and this place is definitely channeling uber spooky.

3 Shadow Palace Entrance Area

I loved the colors in this place. The way the neon colors clash and are so bright, it's just cool! My favorite part was the webs on the ceiling and walls which suits Morganthe, the spider queen very well. Not to mention the super awesome statue in the middle. It looked so gnarly!

4. Three Points, Azteca

This is definitely one of the most memorable places. When we first arrived, it was all blue skies and beautiful, but when we finished the main story line in here, the world suddenly became gloomy and sad. Even the dinosaurs look at the skies in fear because they know the end is coming. Hard to not remember this one. The feels.

5. Cloudburst Forest, Azteca

This is my favorite place in Azteca. I love the beautiful waterfalls and especially the Flower House. I have always wanted the house along with the falls for my character for years. Hopefully someday we will have a copy for our own use. It's just so beautifully designed that the girl in me screams YASSSSSSSSSSSS!

6. Lake Shore, Avalon

I remember going, WAIT... There's actual rain in here? What? I can run through it? It was the most amazing thing I had seen in game. Half of the area had sunshine while the other half had rain. Not to mention this cool lake which is partly clear and part gooey. The magic path we had to create to be able to cross the lake was also pure genius. Whoever designed this area deserves a raise. I'm still waiting for an area that snows by the way.

7. Zafaria

 Zafaria has the most stunning looks in the game. It has the most beautiful sunsets or sunrises. Whichever it is, it is breathtaking. Not to mention the beautiful trees and waterfalls that make you gasp once you arrive in this beautiful world.

8. Radiance Reborn, Khrysalis

When my character was able to turn the transporter on to create this amazing castle in the sky, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was something I would NEVER had expected. Man, this was uber cool! And we are able to transport to that same castle in the sky. Super neat!

9. Crescent Beach, Khrysalis

Skull Cave, a beach and a huge monster bug which doubles as a submarine transport for us wizards? YESSSSSS!!! If I would, I would be here permanently trying to get a tan for my wizard. Look at that sky, that water, could you blame me? Not to mention the Skull Cave, that's so Goonies to me for some reason.

10. Upper Zigazag, Krokotopia

How can you miss that upside pyramid? When I first saw this, I laughed because I loved the irony. UPSIDE PYRAMID? Boy, I definitely giggled. Not to mention, look at that beautiful full moon and sky. I can imagine camping out here and enjoying the view. At least we don't have to worry about pests.

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