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Achievement Made: I Am A Spell Writer!

With the Lost Pages event this time, we are able to find and complete two new badges never seen before - The Spell Checker and Spell Writer. 

The Spell Checker was easy enough. Just defeat 50 Spellwrit creatures. Not a problem. I defeated them in Triton Avenue before getting bored and moving to Grand Arena of Krokotopia. Once I achieved getting the Spell Checker badge, I knew the real work has really begun. The Spell Writer requires 250 Spellwrit creatures. I knew that I had to dig deep and work for it.

Even missing two days because hey, it was the weekend, I was too busy ... or tired to play Wizard101. I still found myself at 100/250. Then I felt like that maybe I bit off too much and didn't devote enough time for this. Until a friend remarked that fighting them in the streets wasn't the smartest decision that I have made. He suggested I go to the Dee's Mirror and fight them there in the dungeon. In the streets, you could get one, if lucky two. If a miracle occurs, you could get three. But in the Lost Pages dungeon, even soloing it, you are guaranteed to have two Spellwrit creatures each time which does help.

So I decided to take his advice and I headed over to the Celestia's Lost Pages dungeon because I needed a scenery change. And hey, Celestia is a quite beautiful place to be. You can feel the tension in your neck and shoulders drain away as you walk along the beaches of Floating Land. 

Then I kept fighting the first battle over and over in the dungeon. After completing the first battle, I would exit and reenter on the sigils. Those sigils must have hated me that day. But I kept going. If I felt like going crazy, I would read articles and/or do mini games on my tablet at the same time as fighting the Spellwrit creatures. I am a quite multi-tasking queen if you did not know by now.

Sure enough, within a hour or two, I made it! I achieved the Spell Writer badge.

Me Displaying The Badge Proudly In The Celestia Lost Pages Dungeon

Whew, I am glad that I got it in time before the Lost Pages event finished. It was daunting, but I am glad that I stuck with it. And thank you to the friend who suggested doing it in the Lost Pages dungeon! You saved the day!

Hope you guys had good luck as I did. If not, don't worry, there's always next time!

PS: As of this date, the Lost Pages event has ended. But don't worry, it will come back soon someday.

Achievement Made: I Am A Spell Writer! Achievement Made: I Am A Spell Writer! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Thursday, September 10, 2015 Rating: 5

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