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Wizard101 Dorms Then & Now: 2008 - 2015

Back in 2008, the Wizard101 dorms looked very, very different. They came already furnished.

Looking at those pictures, I cried "WHY? WHY WIZARD101? I WANT THEM!" Then someone remarked that the reason for the change is probably because they wanted us to be able to decorate our own dorms. 

Then I realized that it's a valid point. However, there are a few things I think that would be cool additions to the current dorms we have.

The Changes I'd Like For Our Dorms

1. The ability to decorate the top part of the wall.
2. The ability to possible change the wallpaper for the top part of the wall.
3. The ability to dye our dorm door. Imagine the possibilities?
4. The ability to hang things from the ceiling.
5. The ability to decorate the shelf that wraps around the room
6. May we have that fireplace? I'd love to craft it and glitch it into my dorm's wall like the picture shows.

I am sure that some of those requests probably are impossible, but it doesn't hurt to suggest it anyway.

What about Dorm Expansions?!

I would love to pay 100k gold to make the dorm bigger, more luxurious and in the style of Pigswick dorms. Why not?!

Imagine visiting dorms that have many different layout designs, even multiple floors, multiple rooms? I would pay crowns for this. I'm not even kidding here. What about world themed dorms? I'd go for the Pigswick theme or maybe Mooshu? Avalon? Oooh, what about Zafaria?! 

Let's be real here... This would make visiting dorms fun! Hey, we can even add Dorm Tours!

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