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I Am A Blaugust Conquerer!

Belghast now has got a list together of all blogs that have succeeded in conquering the month of blogging madness. Even those who have reached the halfway or almost have have been celebrated.

For completing the entire month, all bloggers who have reached this achievement has earned this nifty award badge! I plan to put this on the sidebar of the blog because hey, why not?! I did survive the month of blogging madness!

There are different badges for each catagory, for completing it halfway or fully. For completing this year or completing both last and this year's challenges. I cannot believe that 88 people have joined this great contest! It's really neat!

Even KingsIsle supported this event by throwing Belghast a few codes for Wizard101 and Pirate101 to use as prizes.

For my category, I have completed the entire month, so tada! Here's my badge.

I'd again thank Belghast for the awesome opportunity. I will definitely be doing this again next year!

To read more about who have conquered Blaugust, whether it be halfway or to the finish line, go to: 

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