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The Brand New Polarian Bundle From Wizard101

Brand new from Wizard101, the Polarian Bundle has arrived! This time it's all about Polaris! This bundle contains a cool penguin pet, a narwhal mount, gears, pickaxe weapon and an awesome Polarian Shipwreck house.

Notice the cool gear and weapon in the bundle above. So cool! 

Don't squeeze this little guy too hard. I know it's hard to resist the adorableness of this little cutie! His hat and bow is even dyeable.

Yep, this mount gives 2% extra damage. How cool is that? What's even cooler is that spear. When you ride around on it, people will know to get out of the way. No one wants to be accidentally poked in the backside.

The Polarian Shipwreck comes with a neat PvP Arena complete with mana! How cool is that?! Notice the beautiful skies. It's something that you would want to spend hours staring at. Just gorgeuous!

PvP Party at Man0fBass aka Edward Anvilshard's new house.

Once you enter inside the shipwreck, you instantly notice the ice covering the ship as well as the cool ice globes on the top of the stair rails.

On the lower level, you instantly notice a skating rink. YES A SKATING RINK!

Once you glide around, you will notice a SIGNIFICANT amount of speed. Be prepared to crash into the rails. But hey, it's ICE! So put on your skates and have fun!

The Polarian Shipwreck has a cool Marleybonian dude all outfitted for winter. He's nice enough to let us get a daily reward from his Cargo.

What about gears & weapons?

We will be adding gear and weapon's looks and stats soon. But for now, check out Man0fBass' pictures of the stats.

The Gear Stats at: https://t.co/sNSynNKouN
The Weapon stats at: http://imgur.com/a/fes4K

So what do you think about this awesome house? There's so much potential in it. I can't wait to decorate it in the Christmas theme. This is gonna be even more epic than the Massive Fantasy Palace house! That pet will be mine! As well as the mount. I sure love the damage on it. What about you?

Also special thanks to Alexander Lionheart and Man0fBass for allowing me to take pictures.

The Brand New Polarian Bundle From Wizard101 The Brand New Polarian Bundle From Wizard101 Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Monday, November 09, 2015 Rating: 5

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