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Brand New Polaris Express Train Mount!

When I saw the brand new Polaris Express train mount, I was like....

Once it was in my possession, I felt like the Queen of the Polaris Express.

Even Santa joined in...

Then others joined... (and went a bit crazy around the tree)

Even my pirate was able to join in! Yep, it's available in Pirate101 too!

Hope you were able to join the festive club of train owners! It's even at a good price. Only 4,500 Crowns. Remember, the mount will be around as long as the holidays do. After that, they go away until next winter.

Happy Choo Choo Holidays, everyone!

Brand New Polaris Express Train Mount! Brand New Polaris Express Train Mount! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Saturday, December 12, 2015 Rating: 5

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