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Springtime In Pirate101!

SpringTime has arrived in Pirate101 with spring pets and even a Spring Leaf eyepatch that will make your spring outfit look quite lively for a pirate!

This quite leafy eyepatch costs only 100 crowns. It's quite affordable even for pirates with empty treasure chests. Just remember, you can always watch videos or do trivia on KingsIsle's trivia page to earn free crowns! You can in turn use those free crowns to buy this nifty eyepatch.

Brand new pet in the Spiral, the Spring Grouper! To get your hands on one, it'll cost you 3,500 crowns. Or just hatch for it with someone who already has it which makes it FREE!

Can you say, ADORABLE?! Now, I wonder what kind of hybrids if any this fishy would produce?

Prices Of All SpringTime Items

The PInk Marshadillow and its brother, Yellow Marshadillow, costs 3,000 Crowns each. But I'm telling you, they're the adorablest things. I mean they are Marshadillows! Just don't try to eat them. They're really tough to eat. Hence, the dillo part. I know cause erm, I tried... What? They looked edible!

The Batik Eggaloon and its differently painted siblings cost 2,000 Crowns each, but who would not want to own a brightly painted buffaloon. I mean Eggaloon. Just be warned, they do like to fart.

Blue Chocolope and its sister, Pink Chocolope, costs 2,000 Crowns each. But believe me when I tell you, don't be fooled. They might look cute, but they are tough. Their headbutts HURT. Not funny at all. I still got a headache from one...

Have a wonderful Spring Time.. Ermm.. Ya know what I mean.

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