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Wizard101's New Queztel Hybrids

The above tweeted was tweeted from the official Wizard101's Twitter account.

Brand New Quetzal Hybrids

Wizard101 teased that there's new Quetzal hybrids. And wizards were quick to chime in that they already found all six! Here are the combinations if you want to try for one.

Thanks to Paige Skyhaven for allowing me to use her photos for this blog post. You rawk!

Inferno Quetzal

Firestorm Quetzal x Flamenco Tocador
Fire Pet, Gives a Fire Prism

Icestorm Quetzal

Firestorm Quetzal x Frostbound Grimhorn
Ice Pet, Gives an Ice Prism

Fabled Quetzal

Firestorm Quetzal x Charred Grimhorn
Myth Pet, Gives a Myth Prism

Grave Quetzal

Firestorm Quetzal x Flamenco del Muerto
Death Pet, Gives a Death Prism

Vital Quetzal

Firestorm Quetzal x Flamenco Bailador
Life Pet, Gives a Life Prism

Harmonic Quetzal

Firestorm Quetzal x Flamenco Tocador
Balance Pet, Gives a Balanceblade

Where To Find The Parent Pets?

**You can find Firestorm Queztal being dropped by Moh'Lharz in Lower Zigazag.

**The Flamencos are sold by Sir Nigel Higgenbottom for arena tickets. You can find Nigel in Pet Pavilion.

**The Grimhorns are dropped in the PvP Tournaments or sold by Sir Nigel Higgenbottom.

But remember, you can hatch for them as well. There's sure someone in the pet hatchery who have the above pets already

Other Hybrids Worth Mentioning

Fog Unicorn is created from Charred Grimhorn and Stray Piggle.
Discovered by Tasha

This makes me wonder. Are there other types of hybrids that we have not found yet? Oooh the intrigue!

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