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Valencia Part 2 Is Here!

The journey was amazing. The places we have been to were incredible. And the story will blow your mind. Here's a FEW, very very FEW snapshots of what I saw. The rest you will have to find out for yourself!

Welcome to the Calabria Skyway

Notice the Polaris stormgate? Guess we will visiting there someday. Also the Marleybone stormgate is closed, so we are guessing that it will lead to a new area of Marleybone. I can't wait!

Ooh, a new skyway!

The Valencia Part 2 got off to a great start. In fact, a quest or two in, you get to see Kane and the Queen. But you suddenly get the feeling that something's wrong here. Why are the royalty of Valencia friends with the Armada?

The People We Met

Oh, a Grizzleheim Bear?!

Ooh Polaris!

This is probably the most beautiful character I've seen in game so far.

The Places I've Been To

PINK BUILDINGS?! Also notice the gears in the floor. Super Awesome!

Are you hungry yet? I will need to call Papa John's right away.

 Guinea pig bottles filled with Yum for the guinea pig citizens of Florenza. Clever.

Places We Can't Get To... Yet.

We can't access this place yet. But gosh, look at how pretty it is!

Oooh, does this look familiar? It does to me. Look at the pictures of this place we can't access yet at:

So What Happens Next?

But unfortunately before the story could end, Pirate101 blocked us from accessing more of the main story line. I guess we will have to wait soon before they add it to see what happens.

Right before this happens, your mind gets blown because you will find out something about Kane that you did not know before. I hope that whets your appetite to try out Pirate101 in live, test or both!

Like I said above, there's still two islands we can't access, two storm gates we can't access and a main story place that could hold multiple dungeons that we can't access. So much we can't access at this point. But I am hoping that once test becomes live, we will be able to find out what's there.

Personally I can't wait. 

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