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Mirage Will Be Coming Soon To Wizard101!

Tom and Leah, the KI Live team, have officially announced that yes we will be seeing Mirage in Wizard101 soon! The talk about Mirage, the upcoming world we will be able to visit soon, will be at the 32 minutes mark in the below video.

I think that Test Realm should be at the end of this month or next month at the latest! But, I expect more teasers to be coming soon before Test Realm pops up again. I can't wait!

Do you think we will be seeing a similarity to Aladdin's story in Mirage's story line? Who's your favorite character in the photo above? Mine is the floating skeleton head. What? It's cool! But, if not that, I really love the one in the green turban. It's just too cute!!

Notice the crystal floating island? Is it a clue of what we will be doing in Mirage? Finding more gemstones like the Desert Star which we found in Celestia? Desert Star came from Mirage, so who knows what we will find there. Or will we have to stop Old Cob and his minions from getting another valuable gemstone? Who knows?

As for that purple dude, I wonder if he's a Sand Sultan or something else entirely? I only know that his minions looks scary!!! LOVE IT!

Honestly I cannot wait for this new expansion. I'm so ready for world exploration! Aren't you?!

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