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Guide to the Great Wyrm Puzzle

I keep getting asked about this puzzle and how to solve it, so I created a blog post for this. In Cauterwaul Canyons, you will meet the Great Wyrm in the Cavern of the Wyrm, but to summon Melanj, you would have to turn on the pumpers in order. You will find the code for it in the previous area.

Location of the Boss

The Hint To The Puzzle

You can find the code by the first battle if you want to figure it out on your own. I have drawn splits between each symbol in the below picture if that helps.

But if you want the fast and easy answers, here are the answers below haha.

The Answer to the Puzzle

Once you have done the code correctly, this big bad wyrm will show up.

Be warned, the boss hates blades and will post negatives, black mantle, etc on you. Just use traps. He also will spawn minions. Wait, is it a she? Who knows?! Good luck!

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