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Jewel Vault and Monstordome Recipes

There's now two new recipes in the Test Realm. Both brand new and should suit your houses quite nicely. One to hold your jewels, and other to fight monsters in.

The Jewel Vault Recipe

Cool Down: 18:20:00
Station Needed: Housing
Recipe Cost: 15,000 Gold
Recipe Location: Toshio, Jade Palace, Mooshu

1 Reinforced Crate
30 Pearl
20 Sandstone
10 Mist Wood
25 Flawless Ruby
25 Reshuffle TC
10 Pixie TC

The Monstrodome Recipe

Cool Down: 12:00:00
Station Needed: Housing
Recipe Cost: 25,000 Gold
Recipe Location: Felicia Worthington, Regents Square, Marleybone

10 Foulgaze (Summon) TC
10 Lady Blackhope (Summon) TC
10 Lord Nightshade (Summon) TC
80 Sandstone
100 Mist Wood
25 Black Lotus
50 Brass

The Summon TCs are brand new and you will have to craft them in the Monstrology Tome. They look like this.

You should be able to find your tome if you press T in game. Good Luck!

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