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Hyper Elixir Crowns Reward Weekend Is Here!

It's Crown Rewards weekend in Wizard101!

Let's take a look at what this round of Crown Rewards will bring us.

There are 3 Tiers. 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000.  Totally do-able!

Tier 1 - Spend 5,000 Crowns and receive the following:
 Major Power Elixir
Major Battle Elixir
Elixir of Fortification
Each elixir lasts 1 hour - No PVP

Tier 2 - Spend 10,000 Crowns and receive the following:
These are NEW elixirs!
Mega Accuracy Elixir
Mega Damage Elixir
Mega Gold Elixir
Each elixir lasts 3 hours - No PVP

Tier 3 - Spend 15,000 Crowns and receive the following:

The Hyper Elixir! This one is pretty epic!
A 12 HOUR elixir with all the bells and whistles!
+500 Max Health
+500 Max Mana
+15% Power Pip Chance
+15% Accuracy
+15% Attack
+15% Gold Boost
+15% Experience Boost

You can also keep earning elixirs even after reaching Tier 3 the first time around.
Check out Wizard101's page!

 Happy Crowns Rewards Weekend!!!

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