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Happy Birthday, Wizard101!

It's official, Wizard101 is 11 Years Old! Our SotS team has teamed up to make a sweet post for Wizard101 congratulating them and thanking them for all of the hard work they've done over the years!

Thank You, Kingsisle, For The Many Years of Fun!

My favorite moment in Wizard101 is when I was able to write in the Kingsisle blog about my deafness and about the moment I met a deaf wizard in Wizard101 whom I became friends with. The Wizard101 community team even created a beautiful graphic of a wizard signing the ILY sign also known as I Love You sign. That was an incredible gesture from them that they were willing to create and let me add it to the blog post. I always have enjoyed the way the community team interacted with the community and often they were the glue that kept the players connected to the game. Thank you for allowing me to be one of the cogs in your machine aka a community leader!

-Kelsey Fireheart

Happy 11th Birthday Wizard101!

I found this game in 2012, and I was hooked and a huge fan ever since! The continuous creative content added to the game keeps things interesting.  The game has really come a long way and keeps getting better, year after year.  The interaction between KI and the Wizard Community on social media is appreciated and so enjoyable!  A million thank you's to everyone behind the scenes that help to make this game so successful and FUN! Wishing everyone at Kingsisle the most amazing birthday and looking forward to many more!

-Destiny Rain

Thank You, Wizard101, For Giving Me A Platform To Be Me!

Although Wizard101 is celebrating 11 years, my wizard was celebrating 10 years not too long ago back in June. I had never thought I’d be able to grow up with Wizard101, yet here I am. I’d like to thank Kingsisle for creating a game where I was able to allow my imagination take over, where I met friends who not only grew up with me as well, but also became an important part of my life, and for creating a game where I can be a part of a community, a community that I could blog to, make podcasts and streams for, and experiment video editing with. Wizard101 became a huge part of my life growing up in time of my life where there were too many changes, if it weren’t for the designers, the producers, the writers, the artists, and well, everybody who contributed to the game in every way, I wouldn’t know where I would be right now. Thank you Kingsisle, for giving me a platform to be creative and be myself through a magical game.

-Marissa Petal


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