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What Is Your Leprechaun Name?

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So it's March, the month of the gold rush and Leprechauns. So I realized heyyy, why don't we try out this cool Leprechaun Name poster that I've made for this month. I'm part Irish, so I'm very gung-ho for this kind of stuff. I even got natural red hair! 

For this chart, you should use the names we have created for Wizard101 or Pirate101.
I will show you an example using my own characters' names.
For Wizard101, it is Kelsey Fireheart, but according to below's chart, it's Mickey O'Little.
For Pirate101, it's Fearless Kristen Eastwick. Don't use the Fearless or descriptive names in that slot. Focus on your actual first and last name which is in second and third slot. We'll use the Kristen Eastwick which means Hairy Moneybags according to the chart below.

What's yours? Post your Leprechaun Name(s) below in the comments.

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  1. Mickey McNaughty XD -Wizard-
    Mickey Ettercap - Pirate-
    I see now I am lucky that I got Mickey as my both first name XD...this is fun!


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