Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pirate101: New Class Houses, Yum-N-Ade, Gifting & More!

So, we have had MAJOR updates to the Pirate101 game. Boy, they keep acomin'.. Ain't they?! New class houses, transporters, mini games, gifting, yum-n-ade and more... All of the houses comes with a PvP Arena, just so you know!


The Swashbuckler is such an elegant house, you feel like you're on some peaceful island under the twilight sky. If you closed your eyes, you would swear that you can even feel the gentle breeze. On this beautiful island, there are a few secrets and a ship to discover!

What a beautiful waterfall!

 EL TORO! I so love the rose petals on the tiles. I wish El Toro was interactable and said something.


Ooh nice fireplace!

Ooh nice beams!

Oh wait.. what happened to the fireplace?! :O Lets go explore!


Apparently people love this!

Ooh a hideaway. Now I know where to put my booty!


Ooh looks ominous!

I see a trap door on top floor, I wonder where it goes to.

Gosh, I'm inside the Armada ship?! And you can place items in here too!

Hero's Bookshelf? Hmm...


The Witchdoctor is a beautifully made house. Pirate101 really have outdone themselves with this one. It's easily the most beautiful house out of all five. They have blended in the "reality" of the spiral with the fantasy of the Witchdoctor very well. It's just a stunning piece of work!

Full moon rising!

Hmm, okay *presses X"

CREEEEEEEEEEEPY! A skelly cooking itself?

Ooh cool skull!

Open Sesame!


I'm getting scared here!


The Buccaneer House is .. Well, very Buccaney? This house has the most coolest interactives ever! There's so many things that you're liable to miss some! Don't worry, I'll point them out to you.

Golden Tooth, eh?


ERRRM... Just a warning, DO NOT PULL THE LEVER!

SQUID!!!!! I shouldn't have banged on the gong...

Fresh Fish? EW! At least it'll make the Squidy go away!

So many floors!!! So.. much... exercise...

SHARKS!!! I thought this was a wall.... until they .... opened to this...

The Privateer is such an elegant house. It's very Marleybonish, but in a daytime setting. And gosh, is it beautiful and classy! You can see the lines so much better in the light and it's such an adorable little place. It's like a little town which is even cooler. It'd be awesome if we started getting houses that were like little towns that we can decorate and manage. I can already imagine a few shops of my own, building a few Yum stands, a few homes for the people who's working in my town.. Wait, I'm getting carried away! Back to the house...

Interactable Fountain. ON, OFF, ON, OFF.. I feel like I'm in Karate Kid...


The PvP Area of this house is quite small, be warned!

Beautiful! But that wheel...

OOOH! YES YES, wheel, do something!


The War Room!!

The Musketeer house is a house that actually reminds me of Minecraft. It looks like a house that could've been built there which is hilarious imo. Anyway, here you can play with cannons and guns and well, always be on defensive mode... It's a FORT!


You can actually use those guns to shoot the Armada puppets! Watch the spin and fall down, hehe.

So the house is built into a mountain or caves? Very cool!

Here you can always watch out for Armada ships!

YES, we can gift now!! 

 Along with new houses, we get class furniture!
All furniture set packs give the same thing for each class except different colors. For example, Swashbuckler's items comes in yellow and purple. Well, except for the couch which is purple and orange.
But if you can't afford the packs which can cost 22k gold (you can buy it for crowns too, but eh!), there's individual pieces and not so brightly colored class furniture in crown shop. There's even new fountains and mini games!

YAY, we can finally teleport! POOF POOF POOOOOOOF!

Feel down and lousy? Your Health Globe almost empty? Don't worry, talk to Ryan the Relentless in Skull Island who will fill you right up back to your hearty self! It's only 100 gold! :)

PSSSSSSSSST! Remember when Eloise and her awesome Stitching ways arrived all of those months ago? 

Well she can Unstitch now! Perfect for those items that you wanted to reuse, but not trash!

Now we have a SUPER SUPER SUPER fuel, the Long Term Boost Elixir. Guaranteed to last 10 hours! Errm.. I wonder if this will like pause when I get off the game. I mean 10 HOURS?! It's also 2500 crowns.. IDK if this one is practical, but hey who knows? Some of youse prob like to speed a lot and for a LONG time!

Read more at Pirate101's Update Notes: