Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Stars of the Spiral Pet Giveaway

Wizard101 Stars of the Spiral Pet Giveaway!

We're celebrating all of the new pet features added in the recent game update!

Update May 1, 2020
Entries now closed!

Codes have been sent out to all entries that correctly entered this giveaway! Congrats to all and thanks for participating! Keep an eye out for more events from us!We are giving away 100 codes for the adorable pet Giraffe!
For a chance to win a code, email a snazzy pic of your wizard with your pet to us at and enter "SOTS Pet Giveaway" in the subject line.
The first 100 entries received will be emailed a code.
One entry per person please.

Huge thanks to Wizard101 and CM Mathew Anderson for providing us with these codes to give to you!

Good luck everyone!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Guide to all April Fools Day Mounts 2013-2020

Guide to all April Fools Day Mounts
2013 - 2020

Since 2013, Wizard101 has given us some fun April Fools Mounts. Take a look at all of them below!

2020 Windbreaker Mount (Permanent)
+40% 2,500 Crowns

2019 Maximum Horsepower Mount (Permanent)
+40% 3,570 Crowns

2018 Ball and Chain Mount (Permanent)
-60% 1,750 Crowns

2017 Coolest Mount Ever Mount (Permanent)
+40% 3,750 Crowns

2016 Rubber Ducky Mount (Permanent)
+40% 3,750 Crowns

2015 Wonky Donkey Mount (Permanent)
+40% 4,000 Crowns

2014 Mighty Steed Mount (Permanent)
+40% 3,750 Crowns

2013 Slowpoke Sloth Mount (Permanent)
-40% 1,750 Crowns

 Have fun collecting them all!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Easter 2020 Raffle!

Join Stars of the Spiral's Easter 2020 Raffle!

Happy Easter!
Enter for a chance to win an Accursed Play Gauntlet Bundle, 5000 Crowns, or 2500 Crowns!

Raffle starts on April 11, 2020 12am EST
and ends on April 18, 2020 12am EST
Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the raffle ends.


Good luck everyone! Stay safe and healthy!

Congratulations to the winners of our Easter 2020 Raffle Giveaway!
Prize codes have been emailed. Thanks to everyone who participated!
@smartymomo  Accursed Play Gauntlet
@PinkyyKinkyy  5000 Crowns
@DarkmoorLady  2500 Crowns