Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The new Wizard101 World of Azteca is introducing a brand new world, Azteca!
It's full of dinosaurs and it has a storyline that will shock us all
along with a comet we must stop to save their world!
With the Prehistoric Bundle being leaked, I had suspicions that there would be a new dinosaur world and here comes Azteca!

Aztecia will have 13 separate areas which will cost 12,000 Crowns altogether.
The level cap will be raised to 90 and there will be brand new spells.
They have stated that the spells will be related to the world. How uber cool is that?!
They also are working on star, sun, moon astral spells too.
I can't wait to possibly cast a dino. Stormzilla can finally take a rest!

They also have stated that there will be a new crafting tier. I wonder what new crafting items that will be available? I hope it's a cool house! Wait, a house? You think that's possible? Especially with the Prehistoric Bundle? We shall see!

New mounts, new gears, new quests! Yippie!
They are saying that someone from our past that we all know will make a dramatic return.
But it sounds so sinister when we look at the below picture.
I wonder who is behind that mask?
*shudders* I'm starting to wonder if Malistaire and Sylvia had a secret child..

Best of all, all of the news article have stated that
this new world will hit the Test Realm this week!
Please visit each news article I have mentioned. They have MORE pictures for you all to take a look at. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My little Egg Ga - Ninja Pig Companion

I was level 48 when I redeemed my Ninja Pig today, WOOT! 
Introducing my little Egg Ga...

1st Tier Look

Already comes with a First Strike Talent

 The New Talents of the Ninja Pig. Choose wisely, little master.

The Epics of the Ninja Pig! Watch out! *Does a flying kick* Ayyyyyy!

2nd Tier Look

Third & Final Tier Look

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walmart's Pirate101 Game Cards & More

Today, I was told by my friend, Edward aka TheSpiralPirate, that he was able to pick up a Pirate101 $29 Admiral Bundle. He also said that he did not see the $10 and $20 P101 Game Cards. I was puzzled until he showed the following links. It is not yet released on or anywhere else, but on Walmart's site, they have shown that they have the following game cards. Hopefully your Walmart stores have them in stock! So happy shopping pirates!

If you need to buy a Wizard101 card, Target sells Wizard101 $20 Game Cards online!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cat Pirate & Shark Cutthroat Promotions

Here are the information, quests, looks, gold prices & epics of each companion
who I have promoted. Good Luck!!


The Cat Pirate

The First Tier Look

The new Epics you can pick for this Companion

The new Second Tier look of the Cat Corsair


The Shark Cutthroat Companion

1st Tier Look

The new Epics you can pick for this Companion

The new Second Tier look of the Cutthroat Pirate

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Ducks of Darkmoor

I was fighting those ships in Cool Ranch. Noticed that they were "Darkmoor" ships.
We all know that Darkmoor is a creepy dark world that is mentioned, but not in game yet.

So.. I noticed ducks on the sails.. I was like DUCKS?

Lagooneys and Skellys? Hmm, very death like.

Then I actually had to fight the Duck of Death on HIS ship, a Darkmoor Ship.

Makes you think, does it? I am starting to think that Darkmoor is a world full of ducks.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dave Greco's Pirate101 Concept Art

Dave Greco is one of artists that works for Kingisle. He has been working on Pirate101 concept art that are just amazing! The following pictures are from Dave Greco's blog at:
Please visit his blog for more amazing posts with pictures you probably have not seen before.

One of the popular loading screens.

A Cliffside Dead End - A Cool Ranch Concept.


A painting for one of the King's walls in Monquista.


Male & Female Skull island themed Monquista set.


Old photo illustration for part of the clues to El Dorado. 


Gortez in all of his ape glory.


Part of the series for El Toro and Mustang Sally. 


New Admiral's Bundle for P101!

(Click on images to enlarge)