Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Pet Training Poem

Another day, another pet,
it's so hard to take,
will you top the pet that I already got,
will today be the day?

Oh I can't stand still,
I'm spinning,
I'm losing my head,
I'm falling down..
I'm so close to giving up.

I hope that today is the day,
so I can finally say,
I got an awesome pet,
take a look at it!

All of the possibilities,
all of the talents that you can get,
it's taking a chance,
will it be you, Miss Lola or King Rocky?
Oh it's time for you to dance.

Five talents,
five chances,
five times you'll smile or cry,
five ways you'll try.

Oh there's no time to worry,
move those feet like you're in a hurry,
putting those moves to shame,
it's time to dance.

Be ready,
all of the hurdles we gonna clear
until we find our way to our final destiny,
I surely hope that you'll be the right one, my dear.

Another day, another pet,
it's so hard to take,
will you top the pet that I already got,
will today be the day?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finding Your Second Passion

When I saw's new segment in their newsletter to learn how to draw.
I jumped aboard right away and started brushing up on my skills. The last time I drew something was a LONG LONG LONG time ago. So I was curious if I could draw again. Especially on the computer.

So I created the Pixie and the Imp from's guide.

Then one night, I was talking with a friend and he was saying that there's no icon for the sheep for the KI Free Games. And I thought why not I make an icon for it? I worked all night on it without any guide. The end result was so amazing that I even amazed myself!

This started my desire to keep drawing and improving myself on my own without drawing guides.
And well, you can see my progress so far.

I will try to make a new artwork each week to show you all!

The popular Pixie

The little bean!

The Sheep That Started It All

My darling twin Octopus for Pirate101

Judo Chop!

Are you ready to pounce on those eggs?

And finally here's my latest work; hope you enjoyed my Love Dino!

This taught me that you cannot ever underestimate yourself. You could have hidden talents that's ready to be used. You can try anything you could like, you can practice and do your best. This is just my little fun hobby that I can do in-between games or break times. This is my little second passion! My first real passion is writing. But hey even writers needs a break or something different to break the pattern a bit. 

I hope you find your second passion. Good Luck!

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Flag of Victory

I'm watching time tick down,
they are mighty mean,
feeling my strength run low,
this win is gonna be lean.

The red coats behind me,
fighting foes hiding behind the next bend,
there's nowhere else I would rather be,
marching on until the end.

Cannonballs bursting in the air,
smelling the victory on the wind,
the smoke blowing through my hair,
left all of them behind.

The freedom we will sail on to,
victory's the flag we will wave,
until there's no place for them to go,
their evil agenda sent to the grave.

-Kelsey Fireheart

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shaman's Lore Pack Roll Call

You have a chance of learning Savage Paw, Lord of Night and Winter Moon Spells from this pack!


Lord of Night - Death, 5 Pips, 425 Damage, swap Half of Damage for Health, -25% next include Healing
Savage Paw - Balance, 5 Pips, 500 Balance Damage and +25% to Next Attack Spell
Forest Lord Cub -  Life, 6 Pips, 445-525 Life Attack to All Enemies
Sea Krait - Storm, 6 Pips, 775 Storm Attack and Remove 1 Positive
Aftershock - Myth, 4 Pips, 225 Myth Attack, Remove Shields from Enemies
Frost Demon - Ice, 5 Pips, 625-705 Ice Attack
Shadow Cat - Death, 1 Pip, 120-200 Death Attack
Diseased Spirit - Death, 5 Pips, 540 Death Attack
Fire Trap - Fire, 0 Pips, +30% to Next Fire Attack Spell
Thunderbird - Storm, 4 Pips, 515-595 Storm Attack
Eldritch Banshee - Balance, 4 Pips, 450 Balance Attack
Rain Beetle - Storm, 1 Pip, 65-105 Storm Attack
Locust Swarm - Balance, 3 Pips, 285-345 Balance Attack
Blinding Light - Myth, 2 Pips, Stun All Enemies for 1 Round
Ash Bats - Fire, 2 Pips, 245-285 Fire Attack
Blue Phoenix - Ice, 4 Pips, 515-595 Ice Attack
Errant Gobbler - Myth, 3 Pips, 375 Myth Attack
Frozen Armor, Ice, X Pips, Absorb 185 Attack per Pip
Feint - Death, 1 Pip, +70% next Attack and -20% Next Attack to Self
Plague - Death, 1 Pip, +25% to Next Attack Spell for All Enemies
Infection - Death, 0 Pips, -50% to Next Health Spell
Frost Cat - Ice, 1 Pip, 80-120 Ice Attack
Crystal Spider - Ice, 4 Pips, 390-450 Ice Attack


Red Mandrake
Leather Straps
Deep Mushroom
Glass Vial
Black Pearl
Golden Pearl
Spider Silk
Blood Moss
Lava Lily
Perfect Sapphire
Perfect Peridot
Perfect Ruby
Perfect Citrine
Scrap Iron
Fire Blossom
Ancient Scroll
Stone Block
Pristine Vial
Crystal Vial
Simple Vial
Frost Flower
Bronze Gear
Water Lily
Fish Fin
Black Lotus
Mist Wood


Dragonhorned Melon - Rank 8, Ice, 2 Agility, 5 Intellect, 10 Power, 8 Strength

Frosted Drakes Cereal - Rank 6, Ice, 2 Agility, 2 Power, 2 Strength

Dagwood Sandwich - Rank 5, Death, 1 Intellect, 3 Agility, 1 Strength
Rock and Roll Candy - Rank 5, Death - 1 Will, 1 Agility, 3 Power
Goat Cheese - Rank 5, Death, 1 Will, 3 Power, 1 Strength
Double Donut - Rank 5, Myth, 1 Agility, 1 Intellect, 3 Strength
Flaming Soup - Rank 5, Fire, 1 Intellect, 1 Will, 2 Agility, 1 Strength
Golden Apple - Rank 5, Life, 1 Will, 1 Agility, 2, 2 Intellect, 1 Strength
French Fries - Rank 5, Myth, 1 Will, 3 Intellect, 1 Strength
Taco Town Special - Rank 5, Death, 1 Intellect, 3 Power, 1 Strength


Frozen Fly Trap
White Desparagus
Burning Snap Dragon
Fickle Pickle
Evil Snow Peas
Baby Carrots


Cyan Teleporter
Blue Transporter
Green Transporter
Azteca Zultan Theme
Azteca Mountain Theme
Azteca Storm Altar
Palma Parrot
Azteca Rock
Orante Sarcophagus
Flame Bloom
Azteca Ocarina
Storm Pillar
Parrot Necklace
Queztzal Egg
Azteca Sun Dial
Coral Bells
Blue Angel
Toucan Shield
Carved Throne
Azteca Tall Pot
Azteca Ornate Jug
Shaman Rug
Ornate Drum
Mini Statue
Moai Statue
El Marrow Bobblehead
Zenzen Seven Star Bobblehead
Huracan Vicious Sky Bobblehead
Onyx Rain Sun Bobblehead
Cipactli Bobblehead



Introducing the Leaf Foot pet!
Card at: baby/teen guiding light, adult/ancient brilliant light, epic/mega sanctuary








Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Piratey Misadventures of Fearless Kristen Eastwick

Oh thanks for kicking me out of Skull Island.. Sighs. They're right. I might have drank too much yum.. I just love the grape flavor! Ok ok.. I'll get going to my misadventures.. Siggggghs..

Ooh what's down there? This is a mystery I want to find out!

Oh looking good out there.. wait.. my gun.. Whoa, it has a skull on the wood part thingy? :O Awesome!

Peek a Boo!

I'm getting creeped out here!

Wait this building needs a wheel to steer it by? I never thought of this as a ship. I thought it was towed here... You learn something new everyday!

DUDE.. Where's my ship?!

Who be doing hoodoo in here? I'm scared! 

Fruits! Who want this fruit? Me be hungry too!


HEY you... stormgate.. LET ME IN COOL RANCH!
No? Errm.. I'll just sit here while you finish your lunch then.. 
Then you'll let me in right?

Gah, this girl is so pretty. I want her dress! I tried to ask her where she got it, but she was snooty and wouldn't tell me where... :( 
What is a fashionable girl pirate to do?!

What... Why am I up here? Oh wait a minute, me likey this. I'm the Pirate Queen of Castillo Sapo!

Please don't stare at me anymore.. you're starting to creep me out. :(

Hey this'd be great for my Musketeer's house! 

Oh, guess my misadventures are at an end.. for now.
It's dessert time! CAKKKKE! A pirate's dream!

Then onto Mooshu.. or is it Haunted Skyways? Ah, I'll find out eventually.. *chomps on cake*

April's Fool Countdown

So as St Patrick's Day is soon leaving us and Easter is coming... April 1st, April's Fool Day, is also coming. So soon I'm sure that we will see a countdown for it this year. But I was struck by the thought of what kind of pet we will be able to buy this year for April's Fool?

Remember the past ones? If not.. Here's a reminder:

2011 April's Fool Pet
 The Pet Rock with cute googly eyes

2012 April's Fool Pet
The Trolling Stone (Pet Rock) with glasses, nose, eyebrows, mustache

2013 April's Fool Pet

 What do you think this year's pet will be? I'm hoping for a tye dye pet rock with a rockin' mohawk! I can imagine its name being "Rockin' Rock!" Or a brand new type of pet.

Post your thoughts of what it could be in the comments below!